Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rim Jhim Gire Saawan........finally the rains

Finally the rain gods relented & Mumbai is getting its first showers of the monsoon. Since last sunday the skies have been laden with dark clouds & all Mumbaikars were longingly looking up, waiting for the downpour. Finally since yesterday, it has started to rain at various parts of the metropolis, bringing down the sweltering heat by many a notches......suddenly, everything around is looking green & breezy......Hopefully the water table of all the nearby lakes will come up gradually now, & Mumbai can breathe a sigh of relief. The news channels, FM channels have been doing the rounds on how we should seriously look at water conservation. There have been water supply cuts as well across the city oover the last few days. This is definitely becoming a serious issue with every passing.

Meanwhile, there are colourful brollies in various sizes & shapes coming out...some fashionable, some conventional.....& some are coming out along in their raincoats. People look to be in jovial mood & the traffic snarls over the last couple of days have not resulted in people snarling at each other. The rains have surely cooled the tempers along with the temperatures.

The roadside joints are doing brisk business with Vada Pao & samosas selling fast & furious. This along with a cup of tea to wash down.....ummmm....its just so delectable to the taste buds....

Getting wet in the rains, especially the first rains, has its own charm......& I am certainly one of the freaks, who love doing such stuffs. I had a Swamiji coming to my place yesterday in the evening. So after settling him & serving him with hot pizzas, I decided to go out & get drenched.......I drove down to the Versova beach, parked the car & then got out to open my arms & feel the needle pricks of the really is an awesome experience.....just letting a child, kick at the puddles, look up & see the sky joining me in the fun......soaking myself in rain & breeze......after a while, I decided to return home. The mood was now for music & we then jammed for about an hour on our guitars....singing soft melodies of yesteryears along with an occasional bhajan in between.