Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GOD.....Guruji On Duty !!!!!!

Last week, to be precise, friday, was my birthday....... 6th August, & as is usual with anyone, I had loads of phone calls, sms, emails, presents, et all. at work, at home, with colleagues, with friends, with near & far....I should say, it was a nice & exciting day. Close friends took me for dinner on the eve of 6th & partied till late into the night. Later the day at work was choc-o-bloc with colleagues & friends calling & wishing from all over the world, lunch & cake organised as well, along with gifts. Towards the afternoon, I had a surprise visit......someone very close came over from Punjab, just to be with me, took me out for a wonderful dinner at a very exotic place in Bandra......superb cuisines to lay hands on, lovely ambience, light & enchanting music, wonderful service.....what else could you ask for. Life looked a mirage!!!!
The next day, ie 7th afternoon I left for Pune to attend to work plus meet with friends.....they had organised something special there......It was hectic activity in Mumbai & finally when we reached Pune it was almost midnight. Dinner & yapping went on till late & finally we decided to wind up with the promise to lunch out the next day at another exotic location in all was just so complete. I was happy.

Sunday started lazily & noisily with an elaborate breakfast & then we got ready to leave for lunch. Its then that the fun started. I was feeling quite queasy inside & somehow, realised that a bout of fever was fast catching up. Nayways, as usual, I swot aside the thoughts & we all went together for lunch. The twistings & pain started getting worse & I could barely eat, but still managed to smile through all of that. Others enjoyed the food (Iam told, it was rather good), but then we all decided to wrap up as I was progressively feeling bad. Back home, I popped an antibiotic(something I very very rarely do) & slept for an hour or so. By 5pm, I was in quite a bad shape & everyone urged me to stay back the night. Knowing how bad the highway becomes on a monday morning, I decided against everyone's wishes to leave. Alongwith my friend from Punjab, I drove off from Pune by 6.30pm.....watching the crimsom sunlight slowly fade into the western skyline......the weather was good & we touched the express highway by 7.20pm. I was quite hopeful of reaching Mumbai by dinner time.

Just as we were approaching Lonavla, cruising at a regular speed of 100kmph, suddenly there was a first a prodding sound & then a deafening noise,........ghadghadghadghadghadghadghadghadghad.......the car swerved & dipped on the left side, & I felt like losing controls......honestly, I dont know, what happened in the next few seconds, as I was at my wits end, struggling with the steering wheels, & my friend besides me screaming. I somehow managed to bring the car to a safe halt. Suddenly it was quiet...defeaningly quiet.......but for the swoosh sound of the vehicles zooming by.
Getting down, I saw to my horror that the front left tyre was in tatters(like a torn piece of cloth), & the wheel rim was red hot. The tyre had burst into pieces.......anyone who knows driving would also know that if any of the front tyre bursts at that speed, nine times out of ten, the car loses control & rams into another vehicle or due to panic braking, it topples.....either ways....a rather serious accident!!!!!!!
As usual, at that hour, no one was willing to stop by, as I struggled with removing the wheel & replacing with the spare, in the boot. I was completely drained of energy & the jack, just refused to move & lift the car.....hehehehehe......times when you wish, Superman or Shaktiman or whoever, please appear(like in movies) & fix up all of this!!! My friend tried calling helplines.......they seemed to be eternally busy or unavailable !!!!......Waving at the passing vehicles was of no use, as they just zoomed by......guess too many mugging incidents on the can one trust & stop????
Well for me it was GOD.....Guruji on Duty !!!!! Just thought of Him & smiled, saying, this is indeed a funny game....& suddenly from no where, I had all the strength to complete the job......the jack started moving & while I was panting for breath, I did manage to change & put the spare wheel, my friend helping as much as one could do. We both, smiled, said a prayer & started complete reverence of our GOD....Guruji on ever always, taking care & protecting us......
We reached Mumbai fairly quickly, actually, after all that had happened. The fever of course had taken over by then, & Once I reached home, I simply crashed off.
Both of us smiled through the incident, accepting the situations as they came, fully aware of Guruji's presence & feeling completely surrendered & safe in His Hands.

For the last two days, I have been almost knocked out with the viral fever, but, could still get up & do my regular Kriya & look & smile at the beautiful world.......

Guruji had given me life once more.....this time as a Birthday gift !!!!.....telling me subtly that my time has yet not come.....bringing me back from the jaws of a fatal accident...just at the expense of a viral fever....hahahahahahohohohohohehehehehihihihi......

Just dont know what to say, cause this is not the first time He has done so for certainly speechless....

Long Live Guruji........

Monday, August 2, 2010

Re Connect.....after Neetu???....Om Namah Shivaye!!!!

She was like a charm......her soft but assertive voice, her a waterfall....cascading ceaselessly & endlessly.....quenching the queries of stupids like us, reassuring us with the support systems, while her own was almost non functional.....Neetu, the heart of our APEX team, especially the "Re Connect" left us all behind in this mortal complete daze.
She suffered in enormous pain, but amazingly managed to smile through all of that. Honestly, I dont know, where she found the courage to do all the work, while inside, her mortal body was gradually losing to the mangling tentacles of dripping out...slowly but surely......medicines & science, prayers, wishes....kept her going only till this much......

I am actually at a loss to explain how we all feel, & hence am just putting up an email that our CEO, Ramesh Raman had put up to all of us after she left us......listless & empty.......

NEETU - R.I.P. - REconnect In Peace

If Sorabh gave birth to the idea of having REconnect sessions it was Neetu who put her body, heart and Soul into it. A perfectionist who left no stone un turned to make the REconnect sessions a big success in a short span of time.
Always bursting with ideas she did pioneering work in starting the 40 days SMS service, Weekly Essence and Monthly Musings. Always ahead of time, she would ensure that SMS for atleast 60 days were approved, 10 weekly essence and 2 monthly musings were available much ahead of schedule. She would diligently compile all emails received from APEX participants appreciating our services. Her idea to send Birthday wishes to participants was a great hit and a pleasant surprise to recipients. Her fan mail increased manifold but she was always down to earth.

Even when she was admitted to the hospital for surgery she requested for a data-card so that she could continue with her work. I had no choice and she ensured that non of the services to our clients were interrupted. She went out of the way to ensure that we got the best rates for sms and was very particular that the same was delivered at 9am sharp everyday.
She suffered a lot but let no one know about it. Clients and participants were blissfully unaware of her condition and it was only in the last 10 days that she finally yielded. She called me and mentioned that it was impossible for her to continue. But even after that she continued to respond to sms.
So great was the confidence of clients in her, that, when she did did not respond to Shangri-la in Sydney, they called me and asked if she was sick. "We thought only ill health will prevent her from responding and so we were worried". When told about her illness they could not believe that she was so efficient in such adverse circumstances.

Her connection with the Divine is not in doubt, but wherever she is I am sure, she has started REconnect services for those not so well connected with the Divine.
TEAM APEX will miss her but her innovative ideas and dedication will help us retain her pleasant memories alive for ever.


A satsang on 2nd Aug at Matunga, in her memory & honour was all that we could do for her. The wet evening, was poigant in her thoughts, as even the rain gods joined us to pay tributes, to one of the most beautiful souls ever.
Neetu.....we will miss you for ever.......may you rejoice & rest in peace & forgive us for all the hardships we gave you.....You will always remain in our hearts, as a Huge inspiration....
Love you always...for ever.....