Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tit for Tat.... Time to Denounce

The ban on the Pakistan actors by IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers Association), has brought forth divided reactions across sections of the society. The likes of Salman Khan, Karan Johar & a few others have come out strongly against the ban.
Yes, these actors are not terrorists, they are neither enemy aliens, but lets understand, they are Nationals from Pakistan. Their loyalties are with Pakistan & if news in the social media is to be believed, then after reaching Pakistan, Fawad Khan has already issued a statement saying "My first priority is Pakistan. Hindustani logon ka dil bahut chota hai." Certainly unbecoming of an actor whose name, fame, money et all came from Indian film industry. You may keep your loyalties with your country, but you have no business to speak about Indians, in this tone. Shows your true colors !!! Such people have to be banned......they certainly do not deserve our hospitality & shelter.

Lets get our facts right in the first place. These actors have come looking for stardom & money....& we have showered them in all abundance. Each one of them have built their name & financial corpus multiple times more than they could ever have achieved in their own backyard. Sure, they are talented, sure they have a huge fan following, but almost all of that has been our benevolence showered upon them. They have become household names, because of the exposure our Country has given them. Yes, the industry is open to talent from all over, including Pakistan, but then these are different times. Why do we have to create such a hue & cry for them ??? Is there a dearth of talent within our own ??.... Just take a look at the various Talent Shows across TV Channels....such breathtaking, stupendous, exhilarating performances. Why don't we invest in breeding home grown talent ??
While our Army Commandos on the Western borders are gallantly protecting us from the dastardly incursions of the terrorists;.....decimating terror camps / launch pads in one swift surgical attack across the LoC; when the Central Govt is taking bold steps in Global Forums to blacklist Pakistan & isolate them as a terror state;.... we civilians need to unify & strengthen our forces & not belittle their efforts by trivializing matters of Sovereignty. Isolating Pakistan means isolating everything & everyone that is Pakistani. If there is anyone who can dare to speak against them & their nefarious activities, we are happy to give & peace.... but not those people, who make merry at our expense but speak against us behind our back...or chose to silently look else where in times like these.

In fact, this ban is just one more step towards creating pressure on Pakistan & its stumbling economy. We probably need to further freeze all trade relations, revoke MFN (Most Favoured Nation) status given to Pakistan, strongly review Indus Water Treaty et all. They need to know & experience first hand, what they stand to lose, if they don't take a collective resolve to abolish terror, a menace that will eventually gnaw into their own homes. They have enjoyed & taken advantage of our patience & tolerance way too long....they have mistaken our silence as our weakness....they now need to experience our retort, & ability to retaliate.
Yes, all this is an arm twisting strategy, but then that probably is the need of the hour. Let us all unite & rise above narrow gains......its a time for us to make a resounding impact.
Make a note - in Pakistan, major cinema houses have stopped screening Indian movies to express solidarity towards their armed forces !! Time for us to take cue..... act tough.

Indians are known to be tolerant......way too tolerant, especially towards outsiders. Our traditions teach us to treat our guest with love & respect. "Atithi Devo Bhavo", a facet that has been flayed endlessly through centuries of incursions & intrusions. We have yet embraced them all & allowed them to mingle & melt within to become an integral part of our existence. Maybe, time has come for us to introspect & change our rules. Time for us to act tough & put to action an old adage in Sanskrit :

"SHATHE SATHYAM SAMACHARET" ..... in simple words, Tit for Tat....