Thursday, September 29, 2016

We Can.... & We Assured

The night was dull & dark...the faint crescent moon adding to the eerie silence, as a crack team of commandos stealthily surrounded their target - an unsuspecting terrorist camp.... a Launch Pad. As if in anticipation, the wind stood still & the forest leaves hardly rustled, while the commandos took strategic vantage positions.... & then in a clinical, precision & surgical strike, blew up the terror haven into smithereens!! The whole operation over in a blur & the commandos moved back into the dark & then safely back in their den. Absolute successful mission with minimal damage to report....... a very regular script clip from so many movies on commando operations. We've all gaped at the movie screen with baited breath as the action unfolded.
In almost a similar, albeit extremely well planned mission, Indian Army Commanders crossed over the LOC, & in the waning light of the crescent moon, cleaned up 7 such Terror Camps, better known as Launch Pads & returned home safely. There were no casualties, though a few suffered minor injuries, something that is unavoidable in such audacious cross border strikes . Launch Pads are temporary camps / shelters where terrorists assemble before any infiltration bids. Typically, at any given point, each launch pads have 15 - 20 terrorists, 4-5 guides & a few support staff huddling up to plan their nefarious activities. One swift overdrive of an action... & at least 35 - 40 terrorists across the border obliterated.

The need to "teach Pakistan a proper lesson" has been long long overdue. The capability of Indian Army to storm the western borders with clinical precision & results was never in doubt, but we chose to be tolerant.........tolerant for way too long. The diplomatic chit chats / exchange of verbal duels at Global forums / fierce arguments on TV channels was making Pakistan bolder by the day, as they continued their dastardly terror activities one after the other.
Taking advantage of the ensuing unrest in J&K, the fidayeen attacks on our army had increased over the past many months. The attack on Pathankot Air base in January & then finally in Uri, on 18th Sept was probably the last straw. Four terrorists sneaked into the Army Camp & slaughtered 17 Indian soldiers, before getting killed in the six hour gun battle that followed.

In an aftermath, our Modi Govt has not only blazed the international forums, asking for Pakistan to be isolated & declared a terrorist state, but also pulled out of the forthcoming SAARC meet in Pakistan...... a move that has been strongly supported with five other nations boycotting the meet as well. External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj tore down upon Pakistan in the UN General assembly, as the world took notice of India's offensive.
And while, Pakistan & the rest of the world thought, India would continue with dialogues in various forums, the Indian Army made the move..... a surgical strike, on a quiet, dim lit night, across the Line of Control, in the PoK ( our own territory in earnest) that would certainly send shivers down the Pakistani spine !!!

Watch out Hafeez Saeed & Syed Lakhvi & the likes !!......

However, we need to exhibit utmost caution, & be prepared for any counter attack or skirmishes. We need to unite as a Country & back our Govt to take the best possible steps in establishing peace.

A much needed offensive, for the world to sit up & acknowledge our capabilities.

Jai Hind