Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Noise to Silence

From noise to silence; from a spoilt teenager to a youth leader; from a rough stone to a polished diamond! Yes, that’s the miraculous transformation of a 27-year-old YES Plus Teacher from a very small island which is even hard to see on a globe. But, when the drop meets the ocean it’s no longer a single drop, it becomes the ocean itself. Yes! I have had the good fortune to have this experience. 

It began when I was a teenager. A few of my friends and I were a part of a Disc Jockeying group and would perform at house parties and college fests. One day, my friend invited all of us for a DJ party at his house. As I entered, I was amazed to see people celebrating, enjoying and dancing to the tune of Bhajans (spiritual hymns). They were smiling and were happier than the people I would see every day in clubs. They were ecstatic and more joyful than people who would get drunk in parties and forget human values. I could see and feel so much belongingness and happiness in them.
After the Satsang was over, we started playing our kind of music – youthful and fast paced. I was astonished to see the same people dancing to our tunes with great enthusiasm and wondered about the secret of their endless energy and their ability to adapt to both Satsang and party music so well. I had never seen and experienced anything like this before. After everyone left, my friend’s mom came and asked me if I had done the Art of Living course. I avoided her question and didn’t pay much heed at that time.

But there came a turning point in my life. Many people must have heard the saying, “Until you get the right person or partner, you cannot fall in love”. Well, the day I saw my Guru for the first time dawned bright and beautiful.  A friend and I were shopping in the mall when he received a call from his mother intimating him of the arrival of Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from Bangalore. I decided to accompany my friend to the venue. When we reached there, yet again I experienced the same sense of belongingness I had felt at the Satsang. Everyone had a beautiful smile on their face; they were glowing with happiness and were meeting each other with so much love and respect. Although I didn’t know anyone there, I did not, for a moment, feel out of place.  Everyone greeted me with so much love, as if they were my friends. It was indeed a heavenly feeling.

Suddenly, people started screaming “Guruji” and rushed towards him. I gazed awestruck. Although I was sitting at the back of the 50,000-strong crowd, I could feel his presence right beside me. After the amazing Satsang, Guruji answered questions which were asked by people present there. As Guruji answered, I felt all my queries were being answered. It was strange but true. I could relate to every question and answer. He was explaining in such a simple manner that I could understand everything he said. I was amazed that these were answers I had been seeking all my life, and now, I had them all answered in such a simple way. I met the most inspiring person that day. Since then, each day has been no less than a miracle!
I had always wished to do something for my country and Guruji made this vision broader. Now I feel a sense of belongingness with every person I meet and wish to serve the humanity forever. 

It takes a life time for people to understand the absolute truth of life, but it takes a real master to make you experience it in a short while. I am thankful to Guruji for being the True Master in my life. I have understood that SPIRITUALITY IS NOT A PART OF LIFE BUT SPIRITUALITY IS LIFE ITSELF!
Thank you Gurudev for the abundance of love and care bestowed on me!!
Jai Gurudev