Saturday, September 6, 2014

Life infusing Sudarshan Kriya......

Breath was coming in gasps, as we all tottered to the cliff top. Each one of us had labored our way up, each battling lack of oxygen, heavy bagpack & high altitude. The clear azure sky & the glaring sun adding to the challenge.... wow what an engrossing adventure eastern Ladakh was meting out.

It had been a tough climb over the past four days, even for the very experienced trekkers, & as one of the amateur climbers, I was happy with what I had achieved till now. On one side was the deep blue Tso Moriri lake, reflecting the snow clad white shades of the enormous mountains & on the other side was our destination.... Stok Mentok.....a summit not many have managed to conquer till now. The treacherous morains made this climb one of the toughest in the region.

As the exhausted team stopped for a breather, a couple of us started adjusting their lenses for some awesome clicks, some settled down to bite into chocolates & catch their breath, while others just gaped into the beautiful quiet vastness of the was surreal to say the least.
For me, I slowly sat down on a ledge, laid down my bagpack aside & closed my eyes. I needed my dose of daily Kriya & meditation. With the icy cool breeze rustling me softly, the chitter chatter around slowly faded away as the breath took over. Deep & long, yet slow breath started on its own, as if on auto pilot, & I could feel the energy I eased into my regular routine of Sudarshan Kriya, I could only be thankful to our beloved Guru, for having blessed us all with this omnipotent tool. Time stood still, as I could feel a fresh childlike energy rising within, making me quieter, yet stronger; enveloping me in complete peace & harmony. When I finally opened my eyes, others were staring at me with some kind of an awe....."How can someone look so peaceful & assured ??", was the first thing I heard, as I came out of my Kriya....."how do you do this Dada??", queried another.
I smiled again...... "Go attend a course & learn to get addicted to this magic....the Sudarshan Kriya".... I muttered softly.

Incidentally at more than 20,000 feet, it surely must have been one of the highest altitude to do Sudarshan Kriya...... thank you Guruji for every bit of Life that you have infused in me.

The pic above, is me doing my Kriya at Thiksey Monastry, just before we embarked on this trek......

Joy Gurudev...... enJoy Gurudev...