Saturday, November 27, 2010

Woman in Red......

The searching eyes glued to the exit doors of the arrival lounge at the airport, scanning every single person coming out. The eyelids would'nt just blink, lest they missed the sight. It is 4.15pm. She was finally coming. It had been a long wait....a very long wait....a very lonely wait. As passengers kept streaming out, one by one, the intensity of the longing kept growing up....where is she...why is it taking so long.....why does it always take so long????? Anxious questions kept bombarding the after the a harried teen struggling with his exams. Patience had intelligently decided to be on leave for the day & anxiety had taken over, in red hot form !!!!

A group of girls, must be just out of college, giggling end to end come out with huge luggages tugging along & are immediately swarmed by the touts. One josled up, "Ma'am, good hotel, very good service, very cheap...please come". Another added in, "Come with me Ma'dam. Excellent food, sea facing rooms, very safe"...each one trying to be as impressive. The cabbies too joined in, "Kidher jana hai......mere saath aiye... AC taxi...very good".
The receiving crowd seem to swell, as fresh lot of people started wading past the exit doors, all in anticipation of their loved ones coming..... happy unions....joyful hugging, bouquets exchanged, squeals of laughter, & the rattling of trolleys. Bagful of goodies, heartful of wishes, eyes full of expectations & dreams... the human wave kept gay abundance...

But where is she.......why is the flight so delayed.....the sky looks clear, at this time of the day, there should'nt be air traffic where is the delay....questions are just unending....& repetative....the anxiety adding fuel to fire. Feet stroll towards the food stall, "Ek chai much?..... twenty rupees sir....." the conversation breaks the sequence of questions jarring the mind. The lips twitch eagerly at the touch of the hot liquid, in reflex action, the head nods in acknowledgement for the man at the counter. "Hmmm, achhi chai hai bhai...bahut badhiya bana hai"....."thank you sir", he reciprocates with pride. Probably wants passerbys to hear the conversation & impact his sales positively. The hot brew is really good....the adrenaline is slowing flowing back to normalcy. Its been a long day at work, & excusing out wasn't easy, but hopefully worth it. Lunch had been compromised to complete the work at hand. Another look at the watch, ohhh, its already 4.45pm, & still no sign of her. The din around is maddening.....there seems to be a perpetual hustle bustle. Some looking tensed, some looking happy.....some looking jaded, some looking excited.......some looking busy, some looking bored.....airport is a perpetual bustling zone, with all kinds of noises & beings.
The tea helps relaxing, as the tired limbs look for a place to rest the butt. Ahh, there is an empty chair at one of the tables. The two men at the table are busy gorging wada pau along with tea, discussing some important issues, one chattering excitedly & the other nodding in unison. "Can I sit here please?", my question breaks their conversation, as they stare balefully at my smiling face for a moment & return back to their discussions, as if I did not exist. I take the silence as affirmative & sit down. The seat is a blessing, as the knees & shin groan in relief. Age catching up, or is it the fatigue ???
She had left promising an early return.....& yet she has been away for so long.....feels like years. The mind struggles to find a rationale, as the phone suddenly vibrates into life, for the umpteenth time. Ohh no, have to take it, its the boss, "Where are the airport Sir, have come to receive someone,....arre yaar how long will it take??, there are deadlines to be met & you are missing from action, I need to send the reports to the client today without fail!!!....Chief, it will be done, trust me, give me an hour & I shall respond...the flight has got delayed & am stuck here.....ok"...the line goes dead.....the curt dismissal of the call at the other end means, boss is not so happy !!!! now what to do ???, why does life have to challenge, especially today, when I have come to receive her..... all I am asking for is an early arrival & a couple of hours of peace, a quiet soulful togetherness over coffee & chips, for an hour maybe !!!!....hehehehe, expectations reduces joy..
The fat dark man in whites at the next table is screaming on his mobile, obviously having an argument. His paan & gutka stained lips are jabbering furiously, as he mops his sweat glistening face almost every minute....ohh God, how long more do I have to wait....when will the flight land? Her mobile is coming as switched off, which means, she is still airborne.
Time seems to be moving at snail's pace, while the hustle around continues. I decide to finish a couple of important calls on the phone. Two more cups of tea, consumed, the watch shows, 5.25pm, as fresh announcements blare details of arrivals. It has been more than two hours at the airport.....waiting eagerly to receive her. The heart skips a beat, eyes lit up, cacophony of thoughts slowly start winding up. The wait finally over.

Intent eyes pick up the first glimpse....there she is.....the woman in red!!!..... bright red shirt over jeans, radiant, beautiful & fresh as ever...smilingly looking around for me!!!!
The evening breeze has picked up a soft note, as if in celebration, she runs into my arms, face breaking into a grin, hair all tossled, eyes sparkling. Love is all around. All the tension fades, the wait is over, the longing is now belonging.....the touch, the caress, the feel.......We are one again.... as she whispers lovingly, " I never left you my Jaan...." The horizon is already crimson in a celebrative display....the sun winking goodbye for the day, as the dry leaves on the trees around, crackle to the cool November breeze.....
Love is indeed beautiful.....Romance seems to be setting in...the Woman in Red smilingly beckons....... :
Hold me now, Touch me now, I don't want to live without you !!
Nothing's gonna change my love for you, You ought to know by now how much I love you, One thing you can be sure of, I'll never ask for more than your love......

"Arre Dada, kahan kho gaye,.....kya soch rahe ho...chalo, lets have a cup of tea!!!", a tap on the shoulder & snap back to regular life....Hehehehehe.....Dreams are good....anytime....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Morning.....

Triing...Trriinngg.....Trrriiinnnggg....the clanging of the alarm on the mobile breaks the early morning beautiful fantasy dream rather rudely.....a rather enthusiastic pair of sparrows have glided in onto the window sill...chattering furiously, adding to the din of the otherwise serene & quiet dawn.....probably discussing politics !!!! The bleary fudgy eyes blink open, rather reluctantly. The faint skyline through the edges of the window is still a sleepy crimson, encouraging the eyes to close & return to the unfinished really was fascinatingly wonderful.

The torso bends & arches in routine abundance, getting the adrenaline to flow through the sleepy veins, as the jaws widen to a series of unending yawns.....huuuaaaaoooowww. Fingers entwine & crackle & then caress, first the face ever so slowly, then the stubble on the chin & then wades through the hair, as eyes slowly adjust to the first rays of the sunshine.  Its tough to ignore the allures of the dream, the pillow is still warm & inviting. A mouthful swig of water from the bottle on the bedside table, followed by a few more swigs, followed by another series of yawns...this time lesser. Time to get up & get going......

The morning essentials / rituals are a regular routine start to the day.
Brushing, pottying, shaving & then the bath. The cold shower, pricks at the skin initially, awakening completely & then comes down on a smooth downpour..., shampoo & soap add to the flavour.....its really refreshing....towelling out a rare luxury.
Yoga, breathing exercises & finally Sudarshan Kriya,....the daily quota of recharging. Heart pumping, lungs breathful, muscles rippling, yet is pulsating & alive !!!

At a push on the switch button by the bed, FM channel comes to life on the radio....."Radio City 91.1 what a fun!!!".....the radio jockey, Archana in her sensual best, excitedly welcomes the morning & puts on a Daler Mehendi latest : "Zor ka jhatka hai zoron se lagaa, haan lagaa; Shaadi ban gayi umar qaid ki sazaa, haaan sazaa."

The kettle on the burner brews up, as if in a hurry, & the aroma of coffee spreads enchantingly, the breakfast consisting of the piping hot caffeine & a couple of toasts....hmmmm, that's all the time permits !!!!

Its 8.43am....time to get behind the wheels & drive to work....the day has begun.....hehehe, yet another is indeed beautiful !!!

Good morning.........!!!