Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Morning.....

Triing...Trriinngg.....Trrriiinnnggg....the clanging of the alarm on the mobile breaks the early morning beautiful fantasy dream rather rudely.....a rather enthusiastic pair of sparrows have glided in onto the window sill...chattering furiously, adding to the din of the otherwise serene & quiet dawn.....probably discussing politics !!!! The bleary fudgy eyes blink open, rather reluctantly. The faint skyline through the edges of the window is still a sleepy crimson, encouraging the eyes to close & return to the unfinished really was fascinatingly wonderful.

The torso bends & arches in routine abundance, getting the adrenaline to flow through the sleepy veins, as the jaws widen to a series of unending yawns.....huuuaaaaoooowww. Fingers entwine & crackle & then caress, first the face ever so slowly, then the stubble on the chin & then wades through the hair, as eyes slowly adjust to the first rays of the sunshine.  Its tough to ignore the allures of the dream, the pillow is still warm & inviting. A mouthful swig of water from the bottle on the bedside table, followed by a few more swigs, followed by another series of yawns...this time lesser. Time to get up & get going......

The morning essentials / rituals are a regular routine start to the day.
Brushing, pottying, shaving & then the bath. The cold shower, pricks at the skin initially, awakening completely & then comes down on a smooth downpour..., shampoo & soap add to the flavour.....its really refreshing....towelling out a rare luxury.
Yoga, breathing exercises & finally Sudarshan Kriya,....the daily quota of recharging. Heart pumping, lungs breathful, muscles rippling, yet is pulsating & alive !!!

At a push on the switch button by the bed, FM channel comes to life on the radio....."Radio City 91.1 what a fun!!!".....the radio jockey, Archana in her sensual best, excitedly welcomes the morning & puts on a Daler Mehendi latest : "Zor ka jhatka hai zoron se lagaa, haan lagaa; Shaadi ban gayi umar qaid ki sazaa, haaan sazaa."

The kettle on the burner brews up, as if in a hurry, & the aroma of coffee spreads enchantingly, the breakfast consisting of the piping hot caffeine & a couple of toasts....hmmmm, that's all the time permits !!!!

Its 8.43am....time to get behind the wheels & drive to work....the day has begun.....hehehe, yet another is indeed beautiful !!!

Good morning.........!!!