Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson.....your music beats, & moonwalks, while u rest in peace...forever!!!

It was the mid 80's & I was just out of college those used to keep my company & Cliff Richards, Steve Wonder, Roger Whittiker, Paul McCarteny etc would get me swinging. Around that time I first heard the voice of Michael Jackson......a rather queer voice which did not have the base or depth of my yester year favourites.....but there was something about the voice that was captivating. It would touch high notes with surprising ease, sometimes, giving a feeling that it was a woman singing. And the the King of the Pop exploded the scene with his now legendary had set the world of teenagers & youngsters simpy beserk....the endearing eyes, the robotic dance movements, the crotch clutching gyrates........the high pitch musical scores......this was a show from out of imagination......Michael Jackson had become a household name across the globe.....His 'just beat it'.......seemed to be playing at every nook & corner, with audacious attempts at moonwalking by almost every became a fad of the time.... In fact my first attempts at moonwalking had friends around me bursting into laughter as I kept messing up.....but still wanting to try once more.....Michael Jackson had come to stay in the hearts of music lovers...especially the rock, the hiphop, the pop beat lovers...... music had taken a new dimension, the world over. With him came to limelight, Janet, his sister, who had the looks & the body to mesmerise men the world over.

Michael had enough reasons, sometimes wrong, to attract the attention of media & papparazzi the world over. If his glittering costumes & funky black hat, with strands of hair loosely hanging by the sides drew squeals of wonder from the young crowd, his aviator glasses prevented the crowd from peering into his endearing eyes. His later public appearances as a masked man, & then donning a burqa gave him the Wacko Jacko way to speculations that all was not well with Michael. He was believed to be suffering from an inferiority complex of being black & went through multiple plastic surgeries in an attempt to change the colour of his skin. This resulted in serious abuse of the natural skin & there were reports of his nose crumbling, his skin peeling, & his eyes kept looking rounder & bigger, making him look unnatural & unreal. There were reports of drugs & child abuse as the King of Pop went into hiding & wilderness. The pressures of name & fame & glitz & glamour & lights & camera.......was probably too much for him to handle. The use & excessive abuse brought an untimely end to a legendary peformer in the wee hours of 26th June 2009. Michael finally succumbed to a cardiac arrest.

But Michael Jackson would live ever after in our memories, & we shall keep revisiting him through his numerous musical numbers......the ones that still gets feet tapping & body gyrating to funky yet frenzied beats.....the world over. Just beat it, Billie Jean, Bad, We are the world(co written with Lionel Richie), Dangerous, Earth Song etc would remain etched in the annals of musical history for ever.

Let the music Just beat it........ as Michael rests in peace.