Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak Ho....Egypt celebrates Liberation, as Hosni steps down !!

In a historic moment, just a while ago, Human wave swept Tahrir Square & the celebrations broke all over Egypt, as the 30 years of ruling finally ended.....President Mubarak Hosni stepped down after staving off protesters for almost three weeks. News channels all over the world were glued on to the event, as jubilant Egyptians are celebrating in unison, the end of 30 years of tyranny & probably the first steps of a democracy. The military has taken over the controls of the Govt, immediately after the announcements were made by the Vice President, to ensure that law & order is under control. It is believed that General Elections would take place in September !!!

Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the protests over the last few days, erupted in jubilations, with people shouting "Egypt is free".
For 30 years, Hosni Mubarak had ruled the country, which has been considered to the most powerful in the Arab world. He had taken control of the Govt in 1981, & had held onto the supreme powers till today....30 years of tyranny. On Oct 6th 1981, ( I was just out of school then !!!!), Egypt was stunned into silence, as the then President, Anwar Sadat was brutally assassinated by a daring right wing Arab Group, during a military parade, in front of everyone. Hosni Mubarak, then the Vice President, who was injured in the attack, but had survived, was the immediate & an automatic successor.
To his credit, he ruled well & throughout the 1980s, he ensured affordable housing, clothing & medicine for the masses. He was also straight & hard with wrong doing officials & ministers, & ensured proper discipline. He allied well with US & was instrumental in bringing some sense of sstability in the Middle East. During Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, he helped US with military alliance & as a reward, got debts to the tune of 14 Billion USD written off. It was a massive achievement.
However, he became more & more authoritarian & curbed freedom of expression, leading to general people going against him. He survived assassination attempts six times, as people started showing hatred against him.
Over the last seven eight years, things started going out of hand & people movements against Mubarak gained momentum. Mubarak was no more welcome in Egypt. He gradually was losing the mass support. People were demanding an immediate change. From a popular President he had become a hated dictator !!!!

Over the last month or so the writing was on the wall. Protesters gathered & swelled in size & zeal. Mass demonstrations at Tahrir Square in Cairo was symbolic & crowd started displaying placards depicting him as Hitler, as Mubarak refused to give in.
The Leaders of various countries have welcomed this move, as Mubarak finally stepped down today, giving in to the nation wide uprising against him. Thankfully he made an exit before bloodbath broke out....
Mubarak Ho(sni).....Time to Go.......

Egypt will wake up to a liberated Good Morning tomorrow. Lets welcome the ushering of Democracy ahead.....