Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rain more please !!!!

Sometime back.....maybe a couple of months, I had written on first rains of the season.....Paus ala re !!!
Like any other Mumbaikar, I was so happy.....finally the rains, the cool breeze, the showers, the weather around.....all so full & colourful.

Well, looks like, we are in for an overdose from the Rain Gods this just doesnt seem to stop..... the nearby cachement areas are overflowing, the dams are all all full, the hills around are lush green, the city is enjoying a drop in the temperature, as the sensex seems to be zooming upwards......all in all a happy state of affairs.
But all of this is now becoming a nuisance. The sky has been relentless & opening up every now & then.....the whole of June, July, August & now September.....rains are just not receding.

The place that I stay is on the foothills of the Aarey Colony......very lush green, but, not becoming dank & mossy. With hardly any sunshine through the day, the woodwork is becoming damp & smelly & moss seems to be taking deep roots.
Am surely going to lose one almirah & another rack to this wet weather. The clothes are taking days to dry up after a wash & on top of that giving out a dank smell..... room & body freshners are ineffectively a waste.
The general mood all around is also becoming very depressing & you see very few smiling faces around. To add to all of this is the obvious delight for virals & infections, as mosquitoes of all kinds are having a fields day all over.

Time to say, enough rains for the year....please go & shower other parched areas of the country...please please please....

Saawan ko jaane do.....