Sunday, September 5, 2010

Give me some sunshine.....

Tired & completely sapped that I am, this space still is the best way to regain myself.
Strangely, but for the first time in my life I find myself seriously challenged physically. Within a span of just about one month, this is the third time I am down with very high fever & throat infection!!!! Cant recollect, when I was last so down that I finally conceded to visiting a hospital for a proper check up. The blood tests & Xray reports have not shown anything serious....just a bout of viral along with an enlarged liver !!!.....according to the doctor, its just a regular viral & probably some infection through food or water.....well I do eat out quite a bit, but am not sure where I would have connected with the virus.

The forced rest is quite boring & quite irritating. Boiled food at home, warm water gargle every half an hour, watching TV or reading old books, attempt to speak on the phone seriously cut down by the croaking & coughing throat, getting breathless due to continous coughing......the adamant high fever, all just about adding to the misery....sigh...sigh !!!!!!

The last one month has also been very hectic in terms of travel, giving me little time to recoup.
The weather in Mumbai also has been very unpredictable....its been raining like crazy, at times giving Cherapunji a run for the records......the place I stay is very close to the hills & therefore the tempearture in that area is a good 2-3 degrees lesser..... no sunshine....meaning furniture gathering moss.....eyuks !!!...... clothes becoming smelly, the walls becoming dank.....all in all a very depressing environment......

Looking forward to sunny days ahead....plsssss