Monday, July 12, 2010

Waka Waka - FIFA World Cup 2010...lets drool......6

The World has a new Champion. Finally it is the Spanish Armada that has annexed & romped home the World Cup football 2010. Deservingly so too, as Spain arguably has played the best football in this tournament, closely followed by Germany.
The match did not reach great heights as a game, possibly because both Spain & Netherlands have never ever won the cup in the past. Netherlands have been in the finals twice before, in '74 & '78, but have ended up on the losers side, now thrice, with this edition, giving them the possible chokers tag. Both the teams looked caged in by the big occasion, & were circumspect on the turf.

This Spanish team has its nucleas in seven of the players from Barcelona, playing together for so many years, something no other team could boast of,.....their midfield being the best in the world, with Iniesta & Xavi weaving magical touch play, as if mystically connected, threading through the rival midfield & defence to open up the goalmouth. With Ramos darting down the line from the right flank, & Villa & Pedro upfront, the attack had enough sting. In defence, Puyol, Busquets, Capdevilla & Alonso were just rock solid.
Today of course, the men under the bar, the goalkeepers, Iker Casillas for Spain & Stekelenburg for Netherlands, were at their virtaul best, making some incredible saves to take the match to extra time. While Spain had better control over the midfield, & also the possession play, Robben almost won it for Netherlands, but for Casillas, who took away the ball from the wily striker twice tonight.
The match was marred by a lot of foul play by the men in Orange, who just could not control the game, barring brief moments of brilliance & resorted to tough foul play, earning 8 yellow cards & Heitinga getting marching orders with a red. They ended up playing the last 20 odd minutes with ten men.

It was the genius of Iniesta, who finally slammed in the winning goal in the 116th minute & Spain became the second country after Germany to win the World Cup after winning the European Cup......& they have been the deserving Champions. I had mentioned at the beginning of the tournament, that it was now of never for Spain. They have arguably the best combination in the world today & having won the European Cup two years back, looked every bit the worthy winners. Each player contributed to the winning cause, & finally they have been able to bury the tag of the under achievers in the World Cup stage.

The beautiful football has won.....Waka Waka.....
Lets look forward to this wonderful tournament come again, now in 2014, being hosted by Jugo Bonito...Brazil !!!!