Sunday, July 19, 2009

New York.....

Saw a movie in a theatre after a long fact the first one after the ban has been lifted. The movie New York, is a well made movie on the backdrop of the 9/11 terror attack on Twin Towers. Three youngsters in America studying in college, Maya(Katrina Kaif), Sameer(John Abraham) & Omar(Neil Nitin Mukesh), become the best of friends & how their lives are completely blown out after the infamous terror strike on the World Trade Centre.

The movie starts with Omar being frisked away by FBI on charges that he is connected to terrorists. Roshan(Irrfan Khan) is the police investigator in the case. The story then goes into flashback of Omar in college with Maya & Sameer. All the three are carefree & full of life. While Omar secretly loves Maya & cannot express, Maya & Sameer are in love. Omar is quite heart broken, but continues friendship. While narrating his past, Omar is told by Roshan that Sameer is a terrorist & FBI needs evidence to nail him. Omar is scared at the prospect of being confined to state actrocities inside the prison & agrees to become a police informer. He doesnt believe that his friend can be anyway associated with terrorism & wants to clear him from all charges. As an informer, he is made to visit his old friends again & he learns that Maya & Sameer are married now & have a son. Sameer has a business of cleaning large high rises & Maya is associated with an NGO. Omar shifts to their residence & shockingly comes to know that his friend is indeed into terrorism & is scheming a grand plan. He also comes to know, that immediately after the 9/11 incident, Sameer was implicated on false charges & taken in by FBI. In prison, Sameer goes through immense torture for months & knows no way out. He is finally released, but the atrocities have left a scar in his mind & he is full of revenge. Maya waits for him patiently through all this & gets married to him & does everything possible to make Sameer normal. But Sameer is seething with anger at FBI & is planning to hot back....big & strong. All the three are sucked into the vortex of hatred & violence. Sameer & Maya lose their life to bullets & Omar takes custody of their child.

Extremely good acting by all the lead stars, with emotional turmoils, pain & anguish very well depicted. The direction is very slick & the movie has a good pace. Showing the twin towers in the background as a structure in the early part of the movie, without any direct refence was brilliant. Cinematography is very good & the camera has done brilliant work. Music is also ver good from Pritam & I was specially impressed with "Hai Junoon...."

Certainly worth watching.