Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ghar Apna Apna......

Over the years, I have shifted from one place to another........just like a Nomad on the move!!!! From one city to another.....from one place to another.......every experience leaves me in wonder & questions!!!
Once we shift into a place, we slowly get attached to the place......everything settles down over a period of time.....we familiarise with environment, people, facilities, ambience, travel, traffic.....all of that, & then again the time comes to move on......from one point of view, life looks dynamic, but from another point of view, its a serious challenge. Shifting to a new place brings in fresh possibilities, but also fresh challenges.
Interestingly, for people like me who live as tenants in metro cities, you enter a place on a leave license agreement for 11 months & either renew the agreement or move onto a new place!!!.......
Especially, when you are on your own, I guess, it becomes quite an interesting challenge. First of all is do the packing. This involves a check list of what to carry & what to leave behind. Having done that, packing the household items is another task, which demands a lot of attention. Transporting the packed items safely is the next big issue.

Having come to the new place, unpacking & then doing up the place is an iteresting challenge. As a matter of fact, something or the other would be missing or not in order & the solution to the situation will not be could be as simple as the tap water not working, or leaking, or water pipes choked, flush not working, shower not working, or some electrical point not working, or the door knob just being too rusty to function. Then you have to identify a housemaid for cleaning up, and the timings dont match..... (with Shiney Ahuja leaving behind not so shining examples, we single males have the other challenge of convincing that its safe!!!!...ooff!!!).
Then due to rains, the walls would be damp & catch fungus on furniture!!! In this case, I had my wooden almirah completely spoilt at the bottom drawer with fungus catching into the clothes as well.....eughh!! really gets onto the nerves.
As of now the new place is quite in order.....a bed to sleep in the bedroom, along with adequate storage space below; a wooden cupboard to hold clothes(though currently under repair due to fungus); a kitchen ready along with a refrigerator & cooking gas; drawing room with a TV & cable connection(no furniture as yet); a maid servant, who comes in the morning(though a little late) to mop the floor, clean utensils & clothes.

Anyways, inspite of all the niggles & challenges, my new place is very nice & more interestingly very quiet & peaceful. Also this place is at least 50 feet higher than the regular places, ensuring, plenty of fresh breeze & no water logging. One of the reasons, I had decided to move, was that my previous place was on the main road, with lots of was a very nice place, but too noisy for my comfort. This new place, is just at the foothills, so very green, away from the main road (but very well connected). In fact there is a nice little waterfall at the foothills, which makes the area so charming. Something, which I guess is a rarity in Mumbai......

Hopefully like my earlier residences, I will have happy memories in this new place as well.


Vishnu said...

where u have moved bhaiya?