Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vote for Change !!!!!!

With Election fever gripping the country, leaders of different political parties have been raking up a host of issues, in their attempt to catch the attention & favour of the Voters. Suddenly, we the Voters have become very important for the politicians. However, I would like to once again highlight some pertinent issues which need our attention & discussion before, we go out to Vote. Its important that we Vote to Power a party that is more likely to give good & strong Governance:

1)We have Sanjay Dutt drawing on communal lines multiple times, & yet not getting legal rap, unlike Varun Gandhi, who was arrested under National Securities Act for speaking his heart out !!!!......just because Sanjay has the backing of Mulayam & Amar Singh. Congress maintain a stoic silence.

2) At various News Channel debates, we have a vociferous Congress Spokesperson, Jayanti Natarajan speaking against the BJP manifesto of removing Article 370. She feels it is communal !!!!.......just so that the Muslim Vote Bank is maintained.

3) We have Karunanidhi saying that LTTE is not a terrorist outfit & that Prabhakaran, the mastermind behind Rajiv Gandhi's murder, is not a terrorist, but a friend !!!! He also calls for a bandh in Tamil Nadu as a protest against Lankan military forces attacking the LTTE camps. Good humanitarian cause, but where are such display of sentiments, when terror attacks singes various parts of our country...on a regular basis?????

4) 3850 dead in Terror attacks in over 3000 incidents since 2004.

5) On the day of Mumbai train blasts, Govt of India gave Rs 150 crores for earthquake relief in Pakistan........very generous, but why turn a blind eye to people below the poverty line within the country??????

6) Govt of India gave Rs 3000 crores to Afghanistan. Innocent citizens of India who are Victims of terror attacks HAVE NOT GOT ANY AID......what are we trying to establish?????

7) Rs. 51,000 Crore missing from the Indian Treasury - Report of Auditor General...its our that comes from the honest taxes that we pay!!!!!

8) 72,80,000,00,00,000 You cant read that number...its Rs. 72,80,000 Crore(1500 Billion USD) black money of Indians in Swiss Bank. Our PM refused to demand for account holders identity, though Swiss Bank had offered to reveal. Why????...What & Whom are we scared of ?????

9) Madrasas are being shut down in Pakistan. Govt of India is giving them CBSE status !! Our Muslim brothers and sisters are being deprived of scientific secular education. Is this development or cheap Vote Bank politics?????

10) Our Government has given 25 lakh scholarships ONLY to minority students. But poor students of other communities are not given similar scholarships. Would you call this being Secular?????

11) Out of 36000 temples in Andhra Pradesh, 28000 have closed down in the last five years. Why are we feeling so unprotected in our own country???

12) The minorities in Nagaland, Mizoram & Kashmir have not got the similar privileges like the minorities in other states? Why does the Govt follow different rules for different religions???? Do we call this being Secular???

13) By the Home Minister’s own admission : "India is surrounded by a circle of fire". Rajiv Gandhi's vision of a powerful "SAARC" is now defunct. When will we enforce proper & strong Laws to protect our countrymen????

14) Below poverty line population increased by a horrifying 20 per cent. From 27 crores in 2004-2005, its now 32.5 crores. So who is earning????? Where is the wealth of development disappearing?????

15) The case on Ajmal Kasab is yet to begin. He gets all that he asks for & continues to smirk at our Govt's inability to even sentence him....all this after he & his terrorist friends kept Mumbai on seige for more than three days & killed so many of our countrymen. We are still struggling to prove that he is a Pakistani !!!!! Is this going to be another case like Afzal Guru, who enjoys the luxuries in his jail, even after the SC has given him a life sentence. .......
the list is almost endless..............

Our esteemed Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh has questioned the Contribution of Mr LK Advani towards our Country. Good question, & I think, we all ought to have an answer to this. So I have put forward a presentation of 13 slides on the right hand side of my blog, for everyone to view. Do please, go through the same & respond with your views.

I am also putting up a link for you all to see....... some news clips from a news channel.
Please go though all the videos. It is quite informative.
This should help us in deciding whom to Vote for.... its an important decision for all of us ahead. First & foremost, do use this power without fail , & secondly Use this power judiciously.
The fate of the country ahead is in our hands.

Vote for a Terror free Nation,
Criminal free Politics,
Corruption free Governance,

Jai Hind !!!


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