Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Secular Congress!!!

The Congress Govt has done it again.......proved how magnanimous & generous they are....so very secular......& how!!!!!!
The Congress Govt now is allowing the mother of Kasab to visit him in the jail at Mumbai!!!!...External Affairs Minister, Mr Pronob Mukherjee has said this during his election campaign somewhere in West Bengal...... Breaking news on TV channels today at 10.oopm!!!!! Superb gesture of generosity, so very humane, so very dramatic!!!!!
While the Pakistan Govt continues in either denial or evasive response to the 26/11 terror attack, our Congress Govt continues to whine, squeak, & look for excuses to extend dialogues.....& keep on putting up dossiers after dossiers, on the case.
Its been almost 5 months since the attack, & we are yet to start legal trial on Kasab.......we are yet to establish his identity as a Pakistani...........shows how strong & committed our Govt is!!!! Do we still need to prove the identity of Kasab???? & till when???? Mr Mukherjee's interview sounds so hollow, in fact is a reflection of how poor our diplomatic control is with the outside world.
Its all looks so similar to Afzal Guru's trial & verdict & yet living in the "confined bliss" of a jail. As an Indian, I am worried, that both Kasab & Afzal Guru, may just walk away, out of our controls, thru another terror attack ot hostage attack, while our Secular Govt is still groping in dark on what should be our stand or action on them.

We are so generous to allow the mother of such a cold blooded killer to come & visit Kasab, & yet in our own country, Pragya Sadhvi is not even given support of a female attendant for her to attend to her nature's call!!!!....Pragya Sadhvi is undergoing trial, non of which have yet been confirmed. But she is made to languish in jail, in deplorable conditions, while, we ensure that someone like Kasab is provided with all that he asks for????

We call all of this SECULAR??????
We are not here to stir up any debate on this !!!!!...... For what will the debate achieve????...... No more talks please.....some action & quick action is all we ask for. We are just too tired with this diplomatic ping -pong being played......just about at the end of our patience.
We Indians have been too tolerant for too long.
Its now time to rise up & realise the incompetency of this Congress led UPA Govt?????

Jai Hind !!!!!