Friday, April 10, 2009

Life in a Metro

Watched “Life in a Metro” on TV today……had been wanting to watch this movie for a long time now, & I was quite impressed by the storyline & the performances of the actors.
A movie about relationships & their challenges in an urban backdrop(Mumbai city), where everyone is running…….running for love, for money, for success, for fame, for security, for solace…..for a home…..each one chasing a dream of his/her own. And there are opportunist Shylocks, on the prowl, looking for unsuspecting simpletons, almost everywhere, ready to pounce at the slightest chance. Suddenly the stark reality of the current generation life in a metro city comes alive with its complications & conceit. The complicated lives of people working in Call Centres, their challenges & pressures seems to sum up the modern day urban life. One line hits so hard, where Shilpa says, “We worked endless hours to earn to buy a dream house(a two BHK flat)…..but we could never make it our dream home”. Everyone seems to be running the rat race, not realizing that in this race, even the winner would be a rat….only a rat!!!!! How Sharman Joshi says, “Its not a morning walk Sir, it’s a race, & you have to keep up to the pace”. In quest of the all this, we are moving away from being what we are…..Human Beings. Another heart rendering scene, where Dharmendra is rushing Nafisa Ali to the hospital & is caught in a traffic snarl. His frustrations, his attempts to get her medical help by screaming, by fighting & finally by pleading, all falling to deaf ears of the people around & Nafisa dies for want of medical attention. A love story of two people who are desperately trying to seek & experience Love at the fag end of their lives. Sharman Joshi lets out his flat to his seniors for them to fulfil their carnal desires, & all this because he wants to grow up the ladder, earn quick money, start his dream project, fulfill his father's incomplete dream. And his dreams coming crashing down, when he comes to know that his lady love, Kangana Ranaut is being taken to bed, the same flat, by his own Boss, KK Menon. Endless circles of an urban life.....full of cheat, full of hollow promises.....full of dreams getting shattered every single moment. Of course there are moments between Irfan Khan & Konkona Sen, which bring about comic relief. However, at large, Life seems stifling & choked. Everyone is desperately seeking air….fresh air.
The movie revolves around 5-6 relationships……..KK Menon & Shilpa Shetty; Shiney Ahuja & Shilpa Shetty; Konkona Sen & some new actor(I could not figure out the name); Konkona & Irfan Khan; Kangana Ranaut & KK Menon; Kangana Ranaut & Sharman Joshi; Dharmendra & Nafisa Ali…….people from early 20s to late 60s…….all running around for one elusive need….the need to Love & be Loved!!!!.....How strange life is…….when the simplest thing is to love, our basic nature is Love, & yet we all are running around searching for it……
The storyline is very well handled & I think the characters have all given their heart for the movies…each character looks & feels real….the pain…the anguish….the quest….the frustrations…..the heartaches……all wonderfully captured…..the little moments of joy, the final retributions, the relief at finally tasting Love & moving forward, all has been wonderfully exhibited. The music by Preetam is just brilliant…each song seems to capture the exact mood & emotion of the moment…….am sure the songs would last the memory for some time to come.

Come, let us Love & give Love….lets make the world a better place to live in ……. Lets make life simple & Loving……. "In dinon, dil mera, mujhse yeh, keh raha, tuuuu jeele jaraa, hai tujhe bhi izzajat, karle tuuu bhi mohabbat......" the song sums it all.