Sunday, April 13, 2014

Poll - arisation ....NaMo or RaGa ??? Vote & Voice plssss...

As the 16th General Elections gains momentum across the 543 constituencies of India, the largest electoral population in the world, pegged at more than 81 crores, is getting sucked into a cauldron of intense verbal exchanges between the political parties, ranging from rabid to reckless, brazen to bizarre, capricious to critical to communal, & from piteous to personal........the kind of ugly mudslinging that has been unprecedented.

Over the last few days, as the polling has begun full swing amidst hope & speculations, all the news channels & media houses are running full, hosting racous & vicious debates over controversies, as the political parties are busy grabbing attention & brownie has been a scathing war of words, with very little regard for prudence or polite humanity & humility.
Md Azam Khan has the audacity to say, "Kargil war was won by Muslims & not Hindus..." Mulayam Singh Yadav dares to say, "Boys will be boys, they make mistakes...will you hang them for rape??", referring to the Shakti Mills gang rape case,.... & to add further fuel to fire, Abu Azmi says, "women who were raped should also be punished" !!!!! Congress candidate from Saharanpur, Imran Masood gets away by saying that he will chop Narendra Modi to pieces.....Such dastardly & abusive thoughts are spelled out with utter disdain, .... all for cheap vote bank the Nation stands shell shocked.... is this real ????
Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi asks Shahi Iman Bukhari to encourage Muslims to vote for Congress & he responds by terming 'communalism a bigger threat than corruption' !!!, appealing to the Muslims in the name of minority card, to vote for Congress.
All this is fine & acceptable under the garb of Secularism for UPA & its allies. The rhetoric & the polarisation continues, giving very little thought to the new low that the country has tottered to, under their corrupt & scam blistered leadership !!!!

BJP, this time is focusing on good governance, development, & riding the anti incumbency wave that seems to be sweeping the country. The recent resounding victories in state elections has also consolidated this belief. Their Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, has good governance in Gujarat for three consecutive terms to demonstrate. Under his rule, the state of Gujarat has credible achievements to show.....whether it is agricultural or infrastructure or technology or tourism, or basic needs like electricity, employment,.....he has grown in stature, while his detractors continue to lambast him on 2002 riots, an allegation that he has been cleared from, by SIT set up by the Supreme Court of India. A new dig at him has sparked off now, after he declared his marital status in the nomination form.....Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi have torn into him, leaving no stones unturned....evoking strong counter responses from the BJP. Their one point agenda seems to somehow show NaMo as communal & autocratic & play the secular card to bring him down.

The youth of India, today in particular is looking for a viable alternative to revive the economy & enforcement of strong laws to drive change & remove corruption....clearly, they are looking at capability versus mere rhetoric & vote bank polarisation. The poor are being polarised on the minority card, while the middle class seems to be firmly rooting for the NDA.....the business class & the rich also seem to have a tilt for the NDA, though some skepticism continues.
Meanwhile, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, known for his humanitarian initiatives & projects worldwide, has been canvassing strongly for "i Vote for a Better India"  through his large volunteer base. His appeal has been to encourage & educate the electorate to come out & Vote & the bring in a strong & steady government. Baba Ramdev has gone a step further to come out openly in support of Narendra Modi......However, this has evoked sharp response, as Congress has filed objections with the Election Commission & media is lapping this up for debates. It is indeed shameful that, instead of seeking their progressive advice towards educating the electorate, they are being dragged into such mindless controversies....Is this correct ?? After all, they too are citizens of the country & deserve their democratic rights to fact having worked relentlessly over years for peace & harmony, across the globe, without any bias for religion, cast or creed, Sri Sri brings in the perfect platform of trust to provide direction to the common man in building a strong progressive country. The current political bandwagon, which badly needs a facelift can do a world of good for themselves by seeking his suggestions & advice for a sustainable & long term growth....

The winds of change is evident....the country needs someone who has strong governance capabilities.....someone who has a proven track record...someone who can deliver.....someone who can inspire the voter. We need a stable government at the Centre, & not a fractured mandate of coalition. Make no mistake, it will need a Herculean effort to bring on tracks the sagging economy & the sagging morale.....& it certainly cannot be done by dramatics or dynasty !!!.... It requires Iron will & clear focus of a strong leader, who can sustain & work hard.

Well, AK has been flip flop with 49 days of Delhi rule.....a chance lost in dramatics & blame game....Aam Admi Party needs to work around a state to start with, maybe Delhi & gain respect of voters through hard work & proven capabilities, before aspiring national responsibiities; RaGa has nothing to show for himself & Congress has given us 10 years of unprecedented scams, inept & directionless governance...they certainly need to soul search & do an internal clean up act ; NaMo has three progressive terms of Gujarat to demonstrate & speaks of issue based politics.......amongst leaders, on paper he seems the best bet for India & certainly deserves a stable chance to Rediscover India....

The bane of this country has been the silence of Good men, which has allowed the Bad to raise its Ugly head time & again..... its a wake up call for everyone....Let's Vote without fail & Vote judiciously..... for a Better India.....Hum honge Kaamyaab ek Din....