Friday, March 25, 2011

World Cup 2011 .... Sri Lanka vs England - preview !!!

The last quarterfinals tomorrow is going to be between Sri Lanka & England. On paper, Sri Lanka should win hands down, but after what has happened tonight between South Africa & New Zealand, one would be wary to predict.
The Lankans have an excellent bowling attack, with Murali & Malinga, ably assisted by Kulasekhara, Mendis, Mathews etc, with a good fielding unit to back up. The batting up till now has been a little top heavy, with too much of dependency on Dilshan, Sanga & Mahela. This is also the last World Cup for Murali & he would like to end it in style.
The England team has been huffing & puffing & causing the most of the exciting matches. They have won against South Africa from nowhere, tied up with India, a match they should have won, & lost to Bangladesh. Their entry into quarterfinals does not inspire confidence, but then they have it in them to surprise their opponents. The team is heavily dependent on Andrew Strauss, Trott & Bell for batting. The bowling & fielding is in bits & pieces. Iwth Peterson & Broad injured & back, the team looks rather wobbly.

According to one of my friends, who probably has links with the bookies, however, prediction is for England to win the Cup this time!!!!! I would probably stop talking about cricket if this comes true. I would then believe that matches are rigged, & its the big bucks which determine the results!!!! So for the love of the game, I sincerely hope England loses today, & Sri Lanka go to the semis as a worthy team. However, may the best team on the day win.

My prediction would be 65:35 in favour of Sri Lanka.