Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ayodhya - Time to take a Decisive & not a Divisive Stand !!!

While the whole country braces itself with mixed emotions, for one of the landmark verdicts in the recent times, The Supreme Court today afternoon, has deferred the Ayodhya verdict now till 28th Sept'10. This verdict on Ayodhya would have to tackle one of the most communally sensitive & razor edged issue - what came first, Ram Temple or Babri Masjid ???

With the Commonwealth Games fiasco keeping the administration at the Centre clueless, sleepless & taut at least for the next three weeks, its probably wise to keep the Ayodhya issue aside in the back burner. However, I am not so sure, what can be achieved by delaying the verdict by just 5 days........
As it is, there is very little chance of any proper & intelligent decision on the subject.

Let us just quickly look at the subject in question :
History says that in 1527, Babar defeated the King of Chittorgarh, Rana Sangram Singh & established the Mughal rule in the region. His general, Mir Baqi came to Ayodhya & in his endeavour to spread Islam, demolished a very popular temple of the Hindus & built a huge mosque. He named it as Babri Masjid after his emperor Babar.
Over centuries, India has been ravaged & looted by various invaders. These invaders, later, have found this land to be rich & bountiful & beautiful....enough to get lured into staying back & settling down, to gradually become one of the sons of the soil!!!!! The Moghuls were no different. They too plundered this land & carried away unfathomable quantities of riches. In their attempt to establish their religious beliefs, they decimated & demolished thousands of temples & built mosques in their place. In this case, for the Hindus, the temple which was representative of  being the Ram Janmabhoomi, is obviously a sensitive issue. There have been several attempts at both ends to establish control on the disputed land, leading to nation wide riots, chaos & political upheaval.
However, in my humble opinion, going back & forth in history is not seemingly solving the issue. While the Hindus have their legitimate right & claim to the shrine,  the Muslims also have their right to reclaim the demolished mosque. A democratic set up calls for equal status.
I am not so sure, even after five days, if the Supreme Court would decide on either side......guess, the Govt at the Centre will ensure that the verdict is delayed as long as possible, allowing time to suppress the public sentiments. Also under the garb of Secularism, they would like to protect the so called minority vote bank!!!!! This however, is a timid & weak option. An option, where, either party can take a tough stand & there is precious little one can do.

Instead of playing the cat & mouse or the blame game, I would expect someone in authority to stand and deliver.
To keep sentiments of both the communities under control, I can think of a very simple solution.
Consider this :
Let the Supreme Court, declare the disputed site as a National Monument & Heritage site. The Central Govt is then directed to bear the expenses to build a temple & a mosque outside the perimeter of the disputed land & allow followers of both communities equal access & protection. For the Hindus, Ram Janmabhoomi is a symbol plus flag bearer of the belief & sentiments for the Values that Lord Sree Ram represented through generations. So a temple signifying that in all aspects should be acceptable. For the Muslims, a mosque built is a huge step towards providing a balming effect towards the demolition of the Babri Masjid. 
Both the communities need to move forward and accept this as a major step towards National & Communal harmony. The Leaders of both the communities need to make strong & decisive impressions on their followers at large to achieve a long term success. Such a stand, in my mind, would certainly have mass appeal & approval.
There would be obvious detractors from both sides, who have narrow individualistic & selfish demands, but we as a Nation need to overbear them & make a decisive & not a divisive statement.

As a Nation, we need to move on & look at more developmental activities which deserve immediate attention. So as a conscientious Indian, I implore with folded hands, Can someone from within the Power Bearers of the Country today come forward & Walk the Talk......once & for all.

I would be happy to start a discussion / debate on this with the objective of reaching a positive conclusion.

Jai Hind !!!!!


sharada said...

I feel that both temple n mosque be does it matter..but bips i must say it is very nice written...looks like u have studied a lot...

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