Saturday, July 3, 2010

Waka Waka - FIFA World Cup 2010...lets drool......3

The biggest shocker of the World Cup football 2010 till now...... Champion probable Brazil knocked out in the quaterfinals by the Orange.....the Dutch !!!!
It took them 36 years to register a win against the Samba football at a World Cup meet & they did this in style, marauding into the semis & making the world staop & take a look at them as a serious contender of the coveted Cup......thier first ever if they can make it...finally !!!!!

The match had started in expected fashin with Brazilians all over the turf, silky Samba touch & when Robinho slotted in the first goal in the 10th minute, it looked like a regular cake walk for the Latin American favourites. Today they had donned blue & white instead of their regular yellow & green, but in the first half it was all Brazil....they had drilled in one more goal which was disallowed for offside, & then a Kaka lob looked like entering the far corner of the net, but was fisted out in time by the Dutch goalie.....the Dutch at that time looked completely mesmerised......
The game was in control of Brazil till the 53rd minute, when a seemingly safe floater at the Brazil goal was inexplicably misjudged by the defenders & the goalie.....allowing the ball to slip past into the net, in a same side goal......the whole team went into a shock, while the Dutch in Orange, had been handed over a lifeline which they took with full vigour & managed to push the famed defence into another blunder & managed the winner in the 68th minute. Arguably the best defence of this world cup, under Julio Cesar, Lucio, Juan & Maicon had developed cracks & allowed two fatal goals.
One had expected Samba football to take over, but surprisingly they panicked & allowed the Dutch to dominate, with Robben, Sneijder, Bronckhorst & Kyut taking total control. Robben in particular reminded me of Zidane(the French master ball player), both in his game and looks, as he tortured & tormented the Brazilian midfield & fact, in my mind, he was who took the game away from the Samba boys.
The Orange colour look good to reach the finals now.....& who knows.....their first ever World Cup..... all they need to do is to hold their nerves & the game......Kryuff's dream may finally come true....
As I write this, in the other quaters, the indomitable Ghana(lone survivors from Africa) are fighting to the end against Uruguay.
I feel bad for Dunga, the Brazilian coach, who will now have to quit.....under him the team may not have played the traditional football, but had drilled the discipline, which should have taken them the whole distance.....but then all that we dream for does not happen.
Frankly, like millions across the world, I am right now feeling completely dejected at the exit of Brazil.
The World would now have to wait for Jugo Bonito to come back again till 2014......the beautiful football that the Brazilians play & pray.....incidentally its going to be played in Brazil !!!!!