Monday, June 7, 2010

Bully the bullet...Spread a Smile !!!

Consider this :
"Bangalore-based spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had a miraculous escape when an assassination attempt on him by an unidentified gunman ended in a devotee sustaining a bullet wound on Sunday evening at the Art of Living (AOL) ashram in Kanakapura".......breaking news across all TV channels on 30th May 2010 late evening had millions across the globe worried & wondering.
The media had a sensational news to lap up, the political circles.....both Central Govt & opposition had immediate blame games to play, the police had to find someone to nail this with.....a sudden frenzy of activities......all of it just to cover their backside !!!!
With a couple of days, even the Home Minister, P Chidambaram, came up with a statement as bizarre as it can be, "The incident of firing could have been a result of a dispute or a brawl between two disciples."
Three more day & Karnataka DGP, Ajai Kr Singh also added to this by stating that the firing was done by one Mr Mahadev Prasad in his farmhouse across the road in an attempt to scare off stray dogs & the bullet accidentally travelled the distance to hit the thigh of the disciple Vinay Kumar !!!!!

Done & dusted !!!! Enough to wrap up the bizarre incident with equally bizarre explanations. The media, as usual has now moved on to some more sensational & juicy topic.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, since 1982, has been tirelessly going round the globe in a ceaseless mission to bring smile to every human being. He has this one point bring peace & happiness & uplift Human Values across people from all walks of life.
Be it a catastrophe or a celebration; be it a global issue or local, be it mingling amongst countless devotees or rubbing shoulders with the power centres of the world, Sri Sri has embraced it all with a zeal that legends could be written of.
For Sri Sri RaviShankar, life has been  a regular combination of Sadhana - Seva - Satsang, & that is what He has inspired millions to do. Sadhana would entail taking personal care, which is how a typical day would start, Seva would entail selfless service to others, which is how a typical day would go by & Satsang would entail sitting in the company of Satva(the Good) & exchanging knowledge towards continuous improvement & binding it all in rejoiceful celebrations, which is how a typical day would end !!!!
So easy & yet so simple & yet so breathtakingly all encompassing & yet so weightless.......
There are countless magical moments, graceful moments, divine moments, enlightening moments, rejoicing moments, intriguing moments & yet over the years, media has not found anything sensational in all of that.

One bullet fired( we dont even have the true story in place) & the whole media fraternity is inspired into a sensational cover story.
But countless bullets blocked, hundreds of extremists converted to peace by the sheer love of Sri Sri, numerous Seva projects across the world, towards uplifting the poor & the down trodden involving millions of volunteers.......all not sensational enough to attract the lenses or the coverage of the media.