Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bhopal Gas Tragedy verdict....a national shame !!!!

7th June 2010, Chief Justice Mohan P Tiwari pronounces judgement on the worst ever industrial genocide - The Bhopal Gas tragedy, which occured on the ill fated night of 3rd Dec 1984.
The sentence : Two years in prison for eight convicted, including Keshub Mahindra, former Union Carbide India Chairman....all of them granted bail immediately after the sentence. No word on Warren Anderson, the then Chairman of Union Carbide Corporation, USA, who had fled the country within days of the tragedy, with the help of the conniving political cohorts.

The public outcry immediately after the verdict was only expected. Over these years, families of the victims, were hoping for some justice to come their way, & now they have serious reasons to feel completely let down.

The political circles & the so called human rights activists, as expected have been taking up this issue to only score brownie points against each other. Media meanwhile continues having a field day......bringing up debates after debates, with people participating from the page 3 circle, who blessed with gift of the gab, are happy rasing storm over a tea the confines of a airconditioned studio. The affected families, meanwhile continue to if it was their birthright !!!

The Congress & the BJP spokespersons as usual continue to trade high decibel tirades & politically correct statements against each other on various channels. Each looking at digging out old skeletons, none interested in attempting to even remotely address the plight of the victims.......I find them all, as criminally inclined as the Union Carbide scavengers, never missing at any selfish gains.

Consider this :
India's population would be roughly 1.15 billion today. Let us assume that 70% of the population can afford to donate Rs 5/- per month to this cause.
This means, we have 350 million INR per month or 42 billion INR available as ready revenues.
I believe, there were more than 25000 deaths in this industrial tragedy. For ease of calculations, let us assume, there are 25000 families in Bhopal, who have been directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy.
An equal distribution of this fund means each family gets Rs 14000/-. Let us give a monthly stipend of Rs 10000 /- INR to these 25000 affected families in Bhopal towards their monthly family expenses. Of the balance money, Rs 2000/- can be spend on doing a life insurance coverage for each individual & the balance money could be utilised in rehabilitaion of the land.
I am not very good with mathematics, but, a simple calculation tells me that we can actually put forward a genuine rehabilitaion program in action.

Would anyone of our popular & noteworthy finance wizards, PM Manmohan Singh, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, P Chidambaram, Pronob Mukherjee or even Yashwant Sinha, look at taking up a concrete & constructive project like this please ????????? am sure they can construct a much better plan than me!!!!!

Why do we have to wait for the corrupt politicians to take centre stage? Why do we need to beg from anyone, when, we can take care of our own????
While the Congress, the opposition, the page 3 gentry are busy scoring thier brownie points, all others are talking of extraditing Anderson!!!
Even if our Govt is able to pull the diplomatic strings with US to bring him, what will happen??? A case registered & then a trial would start....knowing the judiciary, the tenure of that would run into a few years. Anderson who is already 90 years of age now, would probably die by then....or in no shape to take any punishment......all this at some crazy sum of money which is going to drain from our tax paid it all of any worth?????

All we need to do is unite, believe in our capabilities & not let others decide on our fate & future.
If we unite at our end, we can force even the mighty Americans to extradite Anderson for justice. The culprits of this mass genocide cannot & should not escape justice. But before that, let us work constructively towards  the rehabilitation of the thousands, who are waiting.......& waiting eagerly for that one ray of hope... let us give them a reason to rejoice, to look at life with renewed vigour, with zest & happiness.