Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kasab....the nightmare continues !!!!

So finally after almost a year & a half of numerous court room dramas & discussions, Mumbai High Court Special Judge, ML Tahaliayani, pronounced Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the 26/11 mayhem, guilty of all the 86 charges pressed against him, including waging war against India & murder. Guess this was only expected. Justice delayed but justice done…maybe !!!! Only Time will tell.

But there are more serious matters that are now surfacing........

The whole world has seen the CCTV footages on the audacious attack by the ten terrorists, who had held the Mumbai city to ransom….mindlessly killing 166 innocent people & injured so many more. Despite numerous clear evidences of these terrorists being masterminded by Pakistan, we struggled to carry on the trial…..we are still struggling to nail Pakistan on a global forum.
The inept Govt seem to be overjoyed with the proceedings, feeling that the trail has been just & fast !!! Brownie points are being exchanged. According to them, we are on the right track in setting the right & just examples to the world.
Meanwhile, the common man is apprehensive….he feels, that after the quantum of punishment is announced, Kasab would have the right to appeal to the Supreme Court & then finally also appeal to the President of India for mercy. So the drama may continue for a few more days….or a few more months….or a few more years….untill one day Kasab is set free!!!!….are we witnessing a nightmare of sorts???......something that just does’nt seem to end….maybe ???

On being questioned, if Kasab’s case would meet the same fate as that of Afzal Guru ( the chief convict of the Parliament attack), whose death penalty has been kept pending since more than three years now, due to his mercy plea to the President of India, the honorable Home Minister, Mr Chidambaram, says, “"We will take up each case according to the order in which the case is pending before the Ministry of Home Affairs and before the President of India. So, the cases will be taken up one by one”. He also said that his Ministry has already sent four cases to the President, after reconsideration. "Please remember that all these cases have been sent to President once. After reconsideration, we have sent four cases to President. We will continue to send one case at a time to the President. No one can speak what the President will do. I think we should respect the office of the President".
Meanwhile our President, Mrs Pratibha Patil is so busy that she does not have time to address four cases in four years??? Cases, whose ramifications are touching the emotions...the sentiments of the whole Nation? And, we the bemused gentry, the common man, just listen to our Home Minister & keep respecting the office of the President….how bizarre can this get???? Is this inept leadership at the President's office, or is it the centre's vote bank management, of the so called minority section ???
We Indians, now seriously need to introspect on the capability of this spineless Govt.....

To top it all, we now have the human activists group surfacing on TV channels, who are now saying that Kasab should not be hanged….we are a democratic country, & we should not advocate to capital punishment !!! We should allow Kasab a chance to redeem & correct himself !!!! He should be given life imprisonment so that he is able to redeem his soul !!!!! What are we doing????
Are we not simply making a hero out of a cold blooded murderer....We are laying the seeds of many more Kasabs to take birth,….We are allowing the world of terrorists to know that they can come at will, & ransack & butcher the very fabric of our country’s peace…..and get away with it, under the garb of our legal proceedings…..incidentally the Govt has spent close to 50 crores of tax payers money on Kasab till now……. While there are millions below the poverty line, who do not understand any of all this….they just look up & pray for just a roof over their head, a piece to cloth to wrap their emaciated torso , a piece of roti to chew & a scoop of water to drink….how much more dank & murkier can it get ??????

The Page 3 celebrities, meanwhile are having a wonderful time, coming on the various news channels & giving their precious two-bits.....raising a storm over a tea cup.....the debates ranging from wierd to nonsensical to absurd, with very rare flashes of intelligence & food for thought !!!!
I believe, a common man would probably bring in more realities to the table for discussions & therefore would be more insightful for all & sundry........ Hope Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Karan Thapar, Rajdeep Sardesai, Rajat Sharma et all take note of this please.......

As a common man…as an Indian, I am perplexed….I am worried..I am astounded….I am bemused !!!!! I wonder what would RK Laxman have to say…..


Harshal said...

I feel that for some specific cases, there must be a provision that the case can be reopened or transferred to higher court, only with the permission of the President of India. This special law may be applicable to special courts constituted for terrorism like things.

sharada said...

Though none of us can do anything much....for that all of us have to really get together n have one personal levels i feel Kasab should be immediately hanged....i just dont know why even they are arguing...he should be simply hanged to death...otherwise very soon many more kasabs will be is just a time pass in our country...n the government is as such extremely we all can wait n watch new kasabs being born....