Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All is in the well !!!!...hehehehe

Sometimes in life everything you do seems to end up on the wrong side......whether its your efforts on some work, your expectations from something or someone, your life in general, others behaviour towards you,....almost anything & everything in life around you, just seems to be Out of Control !!!!....and the mind within screams.....Life's a bitch!!!!!

We all go through highs & lows in life......these are patches which get us excited or pull us down regularly. What is frustrating, I guess is the inability to handle the uncertainities that the life presents. We live in anticipation....... aniticipation of things to go the way we want it!!!! Some times there are pleasant surprises & sometimes there are rude shocks. But uncertainities continue none the less. Each one of us look forward to the future with an anticipation that things will work out well, even if there are inklings of failures. We seem to be comfortable taking pleasant surprises as a happening, but the opposite of the same gets a heart rendering response.... as if life has been cruel....really cruel !!!!

Somehow, the mind is just not ready to accept failures. Over the years, it has been conditioned to expect only the good. This despite the fact that most of the times our expectations have met with moderate or low successes. Most of us, in our experiences, have more shocks than pleasant surprises to speak of. The immediate reaction to a loss or failure is that of disbelief & frustrated anger. We just dont seem to learn from our experiences as far as anticipation is concerned. We still anticipate in positive......just believing that somehow, the results will turn in our favour. Fervent prayers rattle in the mind; promises to drive improvement within reiterates;.....all this to try & shut out niggles of negative thoughts!!!!! Look at a student for example, who has not prepared well for the exams......he prays to God, " Please please please take care & pass me this time God,.....I promise to put more efforts next time & do well. Next time I will not disappoint you!!!" A classic case of anticipating a Divine intervention to take place, despite the possibility of the worst to happen. We all live in this kind of an unreal world.
Its a strange dichotomy that pervades. On one side we doubt what is positive, we are unsure of success, but, at the same time we are unable to absorb failures. We live in anticipation...we live in hope.....we live in expectation of a miracle to take place.

Each one of us make our individual choices in life, that determines the course of our life journey. As human beings, we have been blessed with the power of choice. But seldom, we try & understand or fathom the power that this gives us !!
We are so accustomed to living in the unreal world.....a world of fanciful dreams & expectations, that we fail to explore & channelise this power called 'Choice'.

Personally, I have a simple rhetoric, "Hua toh achha, nahi hua to aur achha!!!" ( translated in english it means, "if it happens for you, its good; if it does not happen for you, also good..maybe better !!!"). It somehow helps me address the various challenges that life puts up, but it that enough????

All this, leads me to muse...to think......what is life!!!...where is it heading to ???
Reflecting back, at times I think, how a simple college life that we enjoyed, the masti, the movies, the magic that was, has slowly faded into a strict professional life.....where there's a constant struggle to perform & out perform. To look at colleagues & clients & professionals around with guarded caution.
How a simple 50 rupees pocket money in college had challenges of what to buy & what not to buy, but we would still enjoy a plate of samosas between five-six friends, devouring even the last crumbs. Today it has changed to a fat monthly salary, increasing the buying potentail, but satisfaction of a purchase is probably missing. Today, we sit & order large meals, but leave behind food to be trashed....guess the hunger & the desire to enjoy food has gone down.
How those days, a borrowed bicycle evolved to a bike in perpetual reserve has today changed to an airconditioned car....but there are less places to go.
How a roadside tea stall serving 'cutting chai' has changed to a CCD, but less reasons to enjoy the hot brew.
How a general class journey in a rickety unkempt train compartment has changed to a flight, but very few vacations to enjoy.

Is this the life we are living? Is this the life we are striving & struggling for??...... the answers lie in each of us to reflect.....to observe.....to qualify !!!!

Frankly, like in 3 Idiots, we all say "All is well", & carry on, when in real, its actually, "All is in the well!!!"


Anonymous said...


I dont know....i sometimes feel actually all is well but we make it all is in the well.....

Vandana said...

Well narrated, bitter fact of life.Reality Bites !

Anirbit Dhar said...

Life used to be so simple in our student days! And yet again, we thought it was so complicated. But in hindsight, we have forgotten to enjoy those simple pleasures,,,,, and look for happiness and pleasures in places, where we there are none.

Your post has triggered these thoughts for me. As Vandana said "Reality Bites.....!!!!"

Biprashish said...

Hmmm Anirbit,
"Its so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple".....Remember the popular lines from the film Bawarchi of yesteryears..... I believe every moment has reasons to be happy or sad.....its up to us to choose, what we choose.....hehehee