Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Antarnaad.....a voice within!!!!

Another brilliant presentation from the stables of "The Art of Living". In its endeavor to uplift & showcase the rich heritage of ancient Indian Arts & Culture, on 12th January' 2010, the NGO under the aegis of Sri Sri RaviShankar stitched up together a grand gathering of 2750 classical singers on stage, at the SP College grounds, Pune, singing together in a symphony that left viewers across the globe completely mesmerised. The event is slated to enter the Guiness Books of World records for the largest congregation of vocalists on a single stage ever.

Imagine a platform, which had 2750 vocalists on stage along with supporting musicians, singing in front of a capacity crowd of more than a lakh, aired live to multiple countries through Sanskar Channel on TV. The grandeur, the occasion, the event on the eve of Makar Sankranti, was truly outstanding.

Famous classical singers, Chitra Roy & Gayatri along with Shankar Mahadevan, leading the musical symphony, with their brilliant renditions, it was an evening to remember. Each of them lead exquisite compositions, based on ancient ragas in the Gandharva Vedas. Renowned musicians Pundit Rajan & Sajan Mishra were also on stage to add to the grandeur. As Shankar Mahadevan mentioned, "we hear that the HIndustani classical music is on the decline, but seeing this grand event & looking at the crowd that has gathered, would you ever believe it??" So very true.

As Sri Sri mentioned, that spirituality & music together uplifts people & help them look at life with enthusiasm. He also mentioned that Bhagwat Gita was also narrated in a musical note(therefore getting the word Gita, derived out of Geet), as it was the most appropriate manner to do so. "Gyan ki shurooat Gita se hiu thi, aur woh geet ke roop mein bola gaya tha. Isiliye use Gita kaha jat hai". He encouraged people to work towards bringing spirituality & music together to enhance better quality of life. He also lay emphasis to chemical free farming, save seeds for agriculture, save cows & save girls ( fight female foeticide). Smilingly He said to the crowd, "Arre yaar, ek baar muskurake to dekho, duniya apnata hai ke nahi". Smile & the world would be yours!!!!

The programme ended with everyone joining together to sing "Vande Mataram".....probably the largest ever gathering to sing this National Song on one stage. May this be the beginning of the revival of Indian Classical Music & usher in peace & happiness for us all.

Jai Gurudev............