Saturday, November 28, 2009

26/11..A year after...the trauma continues, the fallacy palpable !!

Exactly one year has gone by……..26/11 simmers in the minds of the Mumbaikars as a traumatized nightmare. A city under siege for more than 72 hours, by a bunch of youngsters from Pakistan, creating mayhem…….firing mindlessly, leaving a trail of innocent deaths & a world stunned into silence & grief.

Exactly one year has gone by & Ajmal Kasab still continues to enjoy life in the confines of the Arthur Road Jail, while the justice struggles to find enough evidence to prove him guilty!!! Nothing could be more shameful, ironical & unreal. The morning news came up with the headline on the front page: “It has cost Rs 31 Crores to keep Kasab alive.” That’s what it has cost the Govt till date to keep the 21 year old terrorist from Faridkot safe & alive in jail. What kind of an example as a country are we setting ???
We still continue to be a soft target to the terrorist camps brewing on the other side of our Western borders. We still are not able to gather enough political & diplomatic clout from the rest of the world to isolate Pakistan as a terrorist state & force them to fight terrorism… eradicate the poison !!! We are a country, institutionalizing the famous Gandhian philosophy of “ if you slap me on one cheek, I put forward the other cheek to be slapped”………such insipid stands is only making the ever lurking terrorism smack its ugly lips in content. We seem to have lost the plot completely, as the Centre continues to take its usual inept “play safe” stance. It just seems to lack the teeth & bite. It has failed to send across a strong message. The trial on Kasab has become a laughing matter, as it keeps dragging on & on, despite all the evidences against him.
The police & the security forces continue to keep vigil, ill equipped & ill trained. The fire arms look ancient, vintage & rusty. The support systems look fragile & inadequate. The State & Centre trade words for words, without focusing on improvement. the All this becomes more shocking, when we come to know of the amount of money spent on keeping Kasab alive !!!!!

Mere lighting of candles, holding gatherings of solidarity, peace march, flying doves are not enough !!!

Wake up, Mumbaikars……wake up Indians…… we need to unite….we need to become aware….we need to take action…….

Jai Hind !!!