Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shiva Parvati.....the legend 3

One evening, when the atmosphere was serene & Shiva was in meditation, Parvati transformed the place, decorating it with beautiful flowers & putting up incense sticks to create a wonderful & mystic aroma. Nature came to her aid & made the surroundings very pleasant & beautiful…..there was divine music & the moonlight, captivating. Everything around was enchanting & mystical. As if something was to happen......

Kamdev decided to end Shiva’s meditation & turn his attention towards Parvati. He hit Shiva with flowery arrows, which were to raise the feeling of Love & desire in Shiva. However, being disturbed in his meditation, Shiva, lost his cool, & opened his third eye & looked straight into Kamdev…….burning him to ashes in the process, & went back to his meditation. There was pin drop silence. No one could believe, Shiva would destroy Kamdev with his third eye.

Rati was speechless with grief & Parvati was deeply pained. She resolved to do penance till Shiva relented. Sage Narada was passing by & he stopped to counsel & encourage Parvati. He taught her the Panchakshari(five lettered mantra) to please Shiva….."Om Namah Shivaaya". It is said that anyone with a devout mind & clean heart, chanting this mantra, can please Shiva enough to get any boon.
Parvati started her rigorous penance. She started living on fruits & then reduced to just leaves( her name became Aparna because of that) & then gradually gave up everything. In summers, she would do penance amidst fire… rains, she would sit in pouring rain & meditate,………in winters she would stand neck deep in cold water & chant Shiva’s name. The jungle, the animals, the nature, anyone around, was in awe of her. Everyone was moved by her devotion & determination.

Shiva, too started to feel the effect. He however, wanted to test her grit. So he sent Saptarishis to her. When questioned why she is doing this tapas, she narrated her desire to marry Shiva. They tried telling her that Shiva was not meant for her…..he would not be able to make her happy. However, Parvati stuck to her resolve, saying, “I know I am his wife forever. No one can change that….not even creation. He will certainly accept me some day, & I shall continue my penance till then”. The sages were pleased with her one pointed devotion & resolve. They blessed her & left.
Now Shiva, himself disguised as a young man & went to Parvati. He started making fun of her penance. He said, “Why are you wasting your beauty & youth on such an ascetic, who doesn’t even pay any heed to you……he lives like a beggar & has no sense of comfort of livelihood. He is peculiar in behavior, lives in burial ground, with a snake around his neck, ash over his body, Ganga & moon on his head, & he is so very cold. He moves on an ox & has spirits as his companions.”
Parvati got angry at this & said, “ You have no idea what Shiva is. He is the Lord of the whole universe, he is the Lord of my Universe, he is everything I ever wanted. He is & will always be my husband. I am not bothered by all the looks that you mentioned. The whole world may stay away from him, but I choose to be with him, where ever he wishes to stay. Please leave me alone with my husband. I need to do more penance for him to open his eyes for me”. Saying this, Parvati started to leave.

Shiva could bear no longer. He had tried & tested Parvati’s resolve beyond any imagination. He gave up his disguise & came out in his own self & said, “O beautiful Lady… have won over my mind. I am pleased with your devotion & penance. Please pardon me for testing you for so long. Marry me & come with me to our home abode in Mount Kailash. Parvati was overjoyed, as was everyone around.
However, Parvati however, remembered how, Kamdev had given his life to Shiva’s ire. She asked Shiva to restore life back to Kamdev. Shiva, now in happy state, gave Rati the boon, “So be it. Since Kamdev gave his life for the welfare of the mankind, he will take birth as son of Krishna & wed Rati again in Dwapar Yuga. Meanwhile, whenever, Rati would desire, Kamdev would come to her(secretly) & make her happy.

All the Gods & Goddesses came, as came all the sages, rishis, & learned ones to the grand marriage of Shiva & Parvati. Having married Shiva, Parvati became the mother of the Universe. They gave birth to a son, who was named Kartikeya, who was very beautiful to look at & very strong. He commandeered the army of Gods & killed Taraka to free the world of cruelty.



Anonymous said...

Awesome posts..... You are truly a great story teller. Feels as if I can visualise the events... Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Very complicated story, but well narrated. How authentic is all of this?? Where do you get all the info?? You seem to have done a lot of research.


Anonymous said...

Felt like being transported to the olden Golden era of mystical ancient India. Keep writing more.... you are awesome.


Anonymous said...

This is like reading Chandamama in our school days. Very wonderfully written. These stories one can read multiple times & still want to read again. You also have the gift of writing in a simple language. Pls write more & more.


gayatri bhadkamkar said...


You are truly a great story teller and expect more & more from you. Also looking forward for separate article on ShaktiPeethas.

Anonymous said...

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