Monday, October 5, 2009

Love expression of Life !!!

It all started with my meeting Chirag, a couple of years back, on a wintry morning at Coonoor, a small rustic town in the foothills of Nilgiris. I was taking an early morning stroll thru the misty woods, when my ears latched on to the soft tune of a popular old song……….there was this short man, slightly built, standing at the end of a ravine singing blissfully……something about the way he was singing, drew me to him. He seemed all by himself…….oblivious of all surroundings, lost in some thoughts……singing soulfully.
“Ruk jana nahi, tu kahin haar ke, kaaton pe chalke milenge saaye bahaar ke….O raahi, O raahi, O raahi, O raahi……… “

Chirag, seemed disturbed at my presence, but did not voice so….just smiled quietly & started walking away……the song slowly fading away with him. I just could not resist walking up to him & introduce myself. “Hey, Good morning !!, am Biprashish. Did I disturb you??” He was immediately on guard, “No no….. I was just taking a morning walk…..its so beautiful here……quiet, & tranquil”. I asked again, “What’s your name?”…… “Chirag, he replied…… I am Chirag Sanyal”, with a smile. We kept gazing into the far ranging mountains……..the light fresh breeze softly nudging us, the silent woods keeping our company. Guess, out of sheer courtesy, Chirag, stopped singing & started speaking with me….as if not to offend me. He was courteous & polite, but distant… if unsure of what to do next. We started a casual chat & with nothing else to disturb or distract, our conversation kept opening up……Somewhere, we started connecting, & opening up further. We strolled up to a tea stall, & the hot brew added to the flavor. Time just flew by, as I got to know Chirag…….here was a man for whom Love has been the essence of life.
I was there in Connoor for the next four days, & we kept meeting & spending more & more time together. It was as if both of us were in need of a close friend, & we fitted into the role perfectly. While I was holidaying & had all the time in the world, Chirag had come there on an official tour……..some kind of an annual meet for his company…..he seemed quite bored with the office work, & his colleagues were not his kind……they were busy discussing business, in & out of sessions, liquor & tobacco flowing……… added with loud jokes….Chirag seemed completely out of place. He would therefore sneak out to meet me & we would go for long walks into the woods, or sit by the cliff edges & sing old melodies. He had a guitar & I had my mouthorgan……. It was either music or getting to know each other.
His favorite was Kishore Kumar, & therefore mostly the songs were from yester years…..

“Yeh dard bhara afsana, sun le anjaan jamaana, jamaana, mai hoon ek pagal premi, mera dard na koi jaana…….. “

“ Koi lauta de mere beete huye din, beete huye din who hai pyaare pal chin…..”

There were many such songs, which drooled in melancholy & pain, suggesting that he was in serious pain……but, strangely, he seemed to smile, as if at himself & then go along to sing songs like :
“Chala jaata hoon, kisi ke dhun mein, dharakte dil ke taraane liye, Milan ki masti bhari aakhon mein, hazaaron sapney, suhaney liye…….”

“Main jahan chala jaaun, bahaar chali aaye, ho mahek gayi rahon ke dhool, main ban phool, ban ka phool…….”

“Main hoon jhoom jhoom jhoom jhoom jhoomroo, banker phakkad main to ghoomroo, main yeh pyaar ka geet sonata chala, manjil pe mari nazar, main duniya se bekhabar, beeti baaton pe dhool udata chala”

to be continued .......................