Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UPA.....all the best

Well the 2009 general elections has finally given the verdict of India. The common man has again decided to go with the Central Govt of UPA under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh. With opposition not being able to establish a possibility of holding the Centre for a full term, Congress lead UPA gained the confidence of the voters for a stable Govt.

The good thing that emerges out of the polls is that UPA has got a clear mandate & does not have to worry about post poll alliances, which would have been a stumbling block. Infact the allies are more than willing to listen to the Central leadership, which augurs well for the Congress. Now the Centre can focus on growth & ensure that promises are kept. Its time to perform now.

Dr Singh looks more resourceful & firm on his decisions this time & his Mr Clean image is working wonders for his party. The newly formed Govt has a wonderful mix of new & old veterans, which promises to deliver. People like Agatha Sangma, the youngest ever MP, at 28 years of age exudes refreshing warmth & confidence & looks like going the distance. Perhaps, out country needs such young turks to take on the challenges & usher our country into the growth track.

The BJP in the opposition have their task cut out. With the elections results out, they need to assess the reasons of the debacle & work at correcting them. They need to realise that the Country today is asking for very specific growth related agenda, & for this they need to evaluate, identify & them work at the grass root levels. They need to establish themselves as a strong National party. This demands that the party workers have a clear direction & work in the interiors towards visible development. They also need to support the Centre in all growth oriented activities, but maintain the pressure of performance.

Lets look forward & wish the new UPA Govt all the very best. Jai Ho......