Sunday, April 26, 2009

Krazzy 4

Got to watch Krazzy 4 on my laptop yesterday night & was quite impressed. What looked like a time pass movie turned out to be extremely entertaining & yet thought provoking.

There are four main characters, Raja(Arshad Warsi) who loses his cool at the slightest provocation, Dr Mukherjee, impeccably dressed(Irrfan Khan) who looks for perfection & feels he is in control of the situation as a captain, Daboo(Suresh Menon), who can only hear & understand & mumbles incoherent words & expresses through his eyes, and Gangadhar(Rajpal Yadav), who believes himself to be a freedom fighter along with Mahatma Gandhi,fighting for a lost cause. All these four are treated by a psychiatrist Dr Sonali(Juhi Chawla), who is the wife of a corrupt businessman(Rajat Kapoor). Dr Sonali believes that with love & care these four can return to the mainstream society. Shikha(Dia Mirza) is a news caster & ex fiancée of Raja, who has left him, because of his uncontrollable anger. All the actors have done well to give life to their characters.

The movie, supposed to be a comedy, is actually a good satire on the current society according to me. There are scenes where you burst out into laughter, for the silly mannerisms & funny one liners. However, some scenes have been extremely well handled. One of the best scene sequence is where the Krazzy 4 are out running & suddenly Gangadhar walks into a shopping Mall, where a girl is singing the National Anthem. Everyone around, hep & happening are loitering without the slightest respect for the Anthem, till these Krazzy 4,lead by Gangadhar, stand in attention in front of the singing girl. Seeing them, one by one, as if following the trend, everyone stands to listen to the Anthem. This is something we see even in movie halls toady when the National Anthem is played, & so many of us are found sitting, or loitering outside(waiting for the song to end). Such utter disrespect for our Country…for our National anthem.
Another scene, where these Krazzy 4 are asking everyone around for just one rupee, so that they can make a call from a booth, but are met with various kinds of excuses / glares & rationales, that would actually border around being ridiculous. The satirical song that follows shows how even a beggar suggests that they should beg for more to get the attention of the people. The Krazzy 4 bump into all kinds of people from a bank manager who suggests bank loan, to a professor who says its knowledge which is more important than money, to common man on street who is completely amused at their demands of just one rupee.

Dr Mukherjee’s dilemma & anguish at not being able to express his love for his wife & his daughter, Gangadhar’s pain at seeing the colorful yet decadent society, where he is fighting a lost cause, Raja’s frustration at not being able to explain his predicament to Shikha, & Dabbo’s baleful eyes saying a lot more that words would……are all the finer points of this movie.
Towards the end, when the Krazzy 4 are surrounded by people & media, they confess that they are not fit for this society & want to return to the mental hospital. A society which has no place for simplicity & concern. The society is ready to punish someone who breaks somebody’s head, but does nothing to someone who breaks somebody’s heart or faith!!!! very true & real in today’s life.

However, the masala provided with item songs by Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan & Rakhi Sawant is unnecessary, & music is average. The first half of the movie is quite endearing, but the second half looks a little stretched. Debudante director Jaideep Sen has done a good job with his handling of the script.

Certainly a worth watch movie.


sharada said...

ok.............i shall watch it sometime this weekend....shall ask pratheek to download on the laptop....