Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is this really an attack or stage acted??

Terrorists have found a new target for themselves now…… the Sportspersons……. a very soft target, but potentially very damaging…….and they know it.

In today’s world, where there is tension written all over, recession hits the economies globally, political warfares continue at every nook and corner, individuals struggle with relationships,…….its only sports that is probably keeping some sensibility & camaraderie going across people. The players across the world play their games with passion on field & don’t give an inch away, but once out of the playing arena, they are bum chum buddies…….bringing the world closer….covering the gaps. They become the ultimate ambassadors of goodwill & peace & sanctity.

The terrorists have now trained their guns on this soft & vulnerable target.

The attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers at Lahore, yesterday, however opens up an uneasy can of worms. I was keenly observing the TV reviews on the incident over various News Channels,& quite a few queries surface for which I don’t seem to find an answer.

Let us evaluate them :

1) As shown by reviews of TV Channels, it is quite clear that the terrorists were privy to inside information. How would they know otherwise about the travel route of the cricketers ??? So who is this inside person???

2) The Pakistan cricket team was just five minutes behind the Sri Lankan team in another bus. So they escaped the attack. Is this coincidental or planned???

3) The attackers were 12 + in numbers & all of them managed to slip away in the by lanes of Lahore. This despite the fact that there is a Police station very close to the venue of attack???

4) The attackers were apparently equipped with supplies to last them at least two days; and yet they slipped away after a few minutes of attack???

5) The attackers had rocket launchers, grenades, latest weaponry, & yet failed to create fatal damage to the bus carrying the touring cricketers??? This despite the fact that they had the advantage of catching their targets unawares???

6) The attackers seem to have left behind enough evidence to prove that they had enough rations for two days. Then why would they flee so soon???

7) While all the channels are saying there were 12 + masked men, the TV footage shows them with clear faces???...Where did the masks vanish??

8) Even before the dust had settled down, the Parliamentary affairs Minister of Pakistan, Mr Baber Awan, blamed Indian Intelligence for the attack (quote from TOI)????

9) There are reports from Pakistan, where claims are made that the guns & bullets seized are from Indian origin????

10) TV Channels are screaming that this attack has telling similarity with 26/11. Is it so??? Or all of this is stage acted??? Just kill a few policemen & bystanders to make the encounter sound real….. The Sri Lankan cricketers were sitting ducks, but escaped without any fatalities (thank God!!)

11) Who was doing the video recording of this attack???...The footage was quite vividly shot. Obviously it was not CCTV, as the incident was on the main road???

12) The way the evidences are being picked up/ collected, it gives a creepy feeling that someone up there in the governance at Pakistan is managing the show?????

13) The Pakistan Government's top official meetings immediately after the attack shows both PM Zardari & Mr Gilani, smiling????...As if nothing serious has happened????

14) Latest CCTV footage show terrorists walking down the bylanes of Liberty Circle, just after the attack, without any trace of worry????.....

My suspicions could be over reactions(I will be happy if they are), but in case they are anywhere near the truth, I guess we are looking into the barrel of a much larger danger lurking somewhere around. The gut feel says, there is something much more sinister brewing up.......

I believe, our Govt should immediately seal off the borders (at least the ones across Pakistan). The intelligence & the military should sound an immediate warning across the country & take measures to ensure safety……its not over as yet !!!!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you that this attack seems 'Fixed'. If the terrorists were 'fidayins' (like in mumbai attack) and were actually carrying enough grenades and rocket launchers but fired only 1/2 aimless shots at the bus. Above all, what surprises me more is that ALL of them managed to flee. Cricketers were soft targets.

sharada said...

i totally agree with u...n one of the cricketer says....the ones who did this cannot be a pakistani or a muslim....what does he mean by this statement?

it looked as if it was a completely planned programme....

Bharatheeyam said...

Your thinking is in right way, someone related to the official has a role in it,