Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Father of the Bride --- 1

Remember the movie “Father of the Bride”.
It was one of the best comedies I have seen on screen till date. But I never knew, that I would have to experience something so similar in my life as well. ….. So here comes the story for you all :

Many years ago, in Pune I had met a sweet little girl, Pallavi by name…….instinctively I felt that if ever I am blessed with a daughter, this is how she would be. I shared this feeling with her & found that she felt the same as well.
Over the years, our journey continued………we only kept getting closer, & I started behaving like her father & she like my daughter. We did not stay together, nor did we meet every day……but we kept in touch. For every little thing or large, we would discuss & share opinions……mostly comforting & encouraging each other. The world around us also knew & acknowledged our relation as the father & the child. For every event, social or personal, we would try & be together to share ……the odds & the evens…..she would call me Paaaa…….& I would call her Babyyyyy…….it was just angelic….divine!!!!

My daughter finished her studies, tried her hand at work a couple of times, but realized that she was not cut out for a regular ‘nine to five’ job. Each time, I supported her through her choices & helped her decide what she enjoyed doing most……. She knew that I was always there to support her thru her mischief & masti…..
While I was travelling all over the country, working for The Art of Living, as an instructor, she stayed in Pune with her mother, studying. Whenever, I found time to come to Pune or Mumbai, she would come over, & we would spend wonderful time together…..chatting up till the wee hours of the morning……so much we had to share……it was always pure bliss to be with her……. GOD had given me my best gift… my angel……my child… daughter.
About a year back, when her mother told me that its time to get her married, I was aghast…….what’s the hurry, I retorted. She’s just a child….a baby!!!!! Somewhere, maybe, even the thought of letting her go was immensely painful. I suddenly started feeling strangely uncomfortable. Her mother kept bringing up proposals, & I kept rejecting them on one pretext or the other(I also got my daughter to my side on this!!)

But then, what has to be,…..will be……& you have to accept as it comes.
Three months back, one day, my angel announced that she had found someone whom she would like to spend her life with!!!........Initially my response was that of shock & wonder… my child has grown….she is now making her own decisions……she is now choosing someone for her life!!!! The boy, Ashish, (also an Art of Living Teacher)hails from Sholapur… far away. For a moment, my heart sank……..I will have to now let her go…….to a new home, to a new place, to a new environment. How will she manage all this…she is just a kid…a child…..endless questions tanked my mind. I was restless.

Anyways, meeting Guruji for His consent to this wedding was important, & I got Pallavi & Ashish to meet up with Him when he visited Pune briefly in Jan. He instantly blessed both of them & asked us to look at an early date for the weeding!!!!
All this went through in a haze & hurry, & the date for the wedding was fixed for 27th Feb’09. I travelled to Sholapur along with Pallavi’s mother to meet Ashish & his parents. Couple of weeks is all we had to prepare for the event. Everyone looked tense & hassled. It was all too sudden. I kept a cool front, but inside I felt dizzy with emotions & work ahead. Pallavi wanted the marriage at any of the AOL Ashram, & since the Pune Ashram was the closest, we finally agreed to host the event there. Having fixed up the date & the venue, suddenly, I realized that we had very little time & resources to make this happen. How would we manage all this???