Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kya Sab........Kasab!!!!

26/11 is almost 30 days old now…… the lone surviving terrorist, Ajmal Amir Kasab, is still in police remand / custody, having gone thru series of interrogations….where he has cracked & is singing like a canary…...spilling beans about the involvement of Pakistan in the attack (as if the world already did not know!!!). Over the last couple of weeks, he has come up with statements like “ All the ten of us are from Pakistan”, “I need a legal counsel…..someone from my country”, “I want to visit my village….. I want to meet my mother”, “I have sinned…Allah knows it all”, “ We were misled by the LeT Leaders”. In fact he has even written a letter to the Paki Govt, asking for diplomatic help!!!! (which has been handed over to the Paki Govt).

However, the Pakistan Govt seems to maintain a uniformity in their statements, “Give us indisputable proof of Pakistan involvement in the terror attacks & we shall take action!!!”. What more proof do you need Mr Zardari???.....It’s a common knowledge for any common man in the streets of Pakistan(as it is to the whole of the world) that numerous terror outfits like LeT, etc are funded, housed, trained & supported in Pakistan over the years. Wake up Mr Zardari, before it’s too late…..these terrorists have no religion, they are nobody’s friend, & they will consume you & your country in their mindless journey through carnage & destruction.
And now we hear that Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Kayani has come out saying that Pakistan ‘will respond in minutes’ if India strikes!!!! This along with Taliban coming out in open support of the Pakis……. While our Govt is still engaged in diplomatic support across the world, to put pressure on Pakistan to accept its covert involvement in the current global terrorism, the Pakis are showing clear signs of defiance & and are building up their base across the border. All this because, our Govt continues to soft pedal the subject. When will we learn to take a tough stand???? When will we send out a strong message to these neighboring terror outfits, which thrive because of our inaction????? It’s really a Frankenstein in the making……..

Coming back to Kasab, suddenly the Shiv Sainiks are active again……..they have threatened with dire circumstances if anyone offers to defend Kasab!!! News is that the premises of three Mumbai Lawyers (who had offered to take up Kasab’s case) have been ransacked by Shiv Sena activists. Where was all this action, when the terror strikes ravaged us Mumbaikars??? Why can’t they be constructive in their actions rather than being just demonstrative????We need to understand that by doing so we are not letting a trial begin for Kasab....they are unknowingly doing a favour to Kasab by allowing him to live that long…….they are playing into the hands of these Jihadis, who continue to prosper knowing that they can get away inspite of committing the most heinous crime. We forget that by delaying the trial, we are breeding options & possibilities of another Kandahar to happen. Today the released terrorist Mohammad Masud Azhar masterminds numerous attacks from within Pakistan, where he enjoys royal patronage. Can we allow that to happen????

Since there is so much of uproar against anyone standing for Kasab, let there be a lawyer appointed by the Judiciary, who is given protection for any untoward vandalism. This lawyer plays the role of piecing together all that Kasab has to say & ensures that Law gets to capture every bit of information that is generated. The trial, which should be done at an undisclosed location for security reasons, (like a military court martial), should be filmed for future records we need to show case this to the UN or any other World body on the Pakistan involvement in global terrorism).

Let us join hands together in showing to the world that we know how to deal with terrorism……..boldly & strongly.

Jai Hind !!!!!