Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Going for the first day night show to watch Ghajini at Fame Adlabs turned out to be quite a headache…….very close to memory loss ( would have to observe whether its long term or short term!!).
I’ve been an ardent Aamir Khan fan since Kayamat se Kayamat Tak days……& expectations on his movies & his roles have only increased with every performance. From a chocolate hero dancing in lush green backdrops, to natural comedy, to emotional melodrama, to serious subjects, Aamir has entertained movie goers over the years.
Ghajini in that sense, turned out to be quite a letdown. To start with, the story line had too many obvious loose ends….in fact it made me wonder, if the story writer, the director & the editor had memory losses as well. The music was average, the violence & fight scenes quite gory. However, cinematography was good at some parts. Nothing outstanding really. The film at times reminded me of a typical B grade Mithun Chakraborty movies of the eighties, flexing muscles & mindless fights.

We have this young & hot & happening billionaire, globetrotting in private jet, going around in BMW / Merc cavalcades,……so very rich & famous that no seems to have seen him ever!!!! Neither the pretty actress (the next door neighbor, always a good Samaritan girl), nor her advt film director, nor the cops !!!!! The pretty lass, (in an attempt to save her bungling advt boss from bankruptcy), cheekily gives an interview to a magazine & it’s a raving news that our Prince charming is having an affair with her. Interesting…quite interesting, but while she gets all the reviews & accolades & glitz, & press coverage, our billionaire Prince is left without even a photo shoot or a press release on denial!!!! I don’t know of any tycoon who would have so much time to drive the cavalcade himself to meet the distressing damsel (to set records straight) & the eventually fall for her!!! ( love has strange ways of shaping up). Even when our Prince Charming takes out his cheque book & gives a five lakh rupee donation to a charitable cause at a New Year party, our pretty & otherwise intelligent girl stays in dark about his true identity(she thinks he is a struggling actor himself, till the very end). Its difficult to consume that someone so rich & famous, who should be getting treated by the best doctors of the world, is confined to a flat in Hiranandani (which he had bought for his lady love), left to his own self(with his manager, his lawyer & doctor appearing once in a while to remind the audience that our Prince is still heir to all the wealth & power he wielded once!!!!!) So much of violence in that flat, & yet no security measures!!!

Aamir, as always, gets inside the skin of any role he takes, & he has maintained that in Ghajini as well. The eight packs look great on him, the two shades of the character (prince charming & the killing machine) has been done extremely well, the memory loss & the struggle to come to terms with his mission revenge, et all has been brilliant. The chirpy pretty lass Asin, is actually very pretty, very fresh(reminded me of Juhi in her hay days). I think she will do well ahead. The other girl, I forget her name (memory loss again!!!), looks completely out of place in the medical student role. She could’ve certainly added more sensitivity to her role (she had enough scope to do so). The bad man (forget his name too!!!....looks like a serious memory loss for me), was average, & so were the other non descriptive characters, including the police inspector who dies in a freak accident while being chased by our Prince Charming, now turned Killing machine.

Interestingly, the name of the villain becomes the name of the movie…Ghajini(first time ever in Hindi movies, I think). Watching it more than once can actually dull your brain cells into some kind of a memory loss !!!


Lonely Princess said...

Hi Bips,

Thanks for your regular comments. Make my day like nothing else can!

Looks like the entire world is blogging about Ghajini! However, you seem to have enjoyed it less than most of us folks. No worries. I'm sure Amir won't disappoint you next year :-)

Have a wonderful new year!


sharada said...

i saw Ghajini with my son....both of us did not enjoy it as well.....bad movie.....the tamil version ws better

Vaibhav said...

If you remember an English movie by which both the Tamil and this one has been inspired... That was a real awesome movie... The name is "Memento" ... A real good one... I think we saw this movie together...
Thanks anyways i dont watch Hindi movies... So i am sure i ll not go for this one... heheheh

Take Care